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  1. What does Earth Day mean to me?

    Is this another of Wordsmith’s rigged contests? I never win, but here goes anyway:

    Earth Day to me whould be known by it’s original name: Vladimir Lenin’s birthday:

  2. 5

    Rides A Pale Horse

    Things to do today:

    1. Put at least 20 miles on each of my 4 high horsepower big block gas guzzlers.

    2. Turn on ALL my (incandescent) lights, TVs, radios, washer and dryer.

    3. Run swamp cooler AND furnace together.

    4. Dump all my recyclables including batteries, used engine oil and antifreeze in the dumpster.

    5. Spray left over 1950s DDT based insecticide for yellowjacket problem.

    6. Go to grocery store and ask for plastic bags.

    7. Empty all old aerosol cans into atmosphere.

    8. Fold, bend, spindle and mutilate all GLOBAL WARMING propaganda in my mailbox.
    (and add to #4)

    9. Fire up charcoal grille and sear a couple of nice Porterhouse.

    Maybe that will give “Mother Gaia” something to do other than create earthquakes and erupt volcanoes.

    No need to thank me. Just doing my part.


    Happy Earth Day!! (spit)

  3. 6

    Old Trooper

    Earth Day came and went here but I did refrain from using White Phosphorus, Tactical Nukes, Napalm or Agent Orange despite my better judgment. You quite frankly can’t hurt rocks and sand much.

  4. 7

    Liberty Tree

    Drove my 66 tri-power GTO and 67 Chevelle SS 396 (both 4-speed cars) wide open today and loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

  5. 9


    OLD TROOPER:aren’t you sorry that you did not do all thoses? no more chance till next EARTHDAY;will she still be there??? πŸ™„ bye

  6. 10

    Rides A Pale Horse


    Yeah…….you’re right about the bad part. Anything I (or anyone else for that matter) can do to piss off a deluded hippie is OK in my book.

    Leave the Porterhouse OUT??? Surely you jest!! Porterhouse done so’s a good vet can barely save ’em is the PERFECT ending to Mirth day.

  7. 11


    WORDSMITH:hi,it say’s wash me on the earth picture on top;well i actualy wash it and it did not change color,on my screen; 😯 bye good funnyes too

  8. 12


    LIBERTY TREE: hi,Some good way to get back at MOTHERNATURE; did she done anything to you? to be treated this way??? πŸ™„ bye

  9. 16


    Well, Having been raised on farms, I’m all for conservation and reduction of pollution. I try to use things until they are no longer repairable or usable for anything else. I recycle what I can, I don’t mind doing things to reduce power usage simply because it keeps the bills down. I bought the new florescent bulbs, but I haven’t yet figured where to safely dispose of them. (Seems they have mercury inside.) Thinking about that, It might be more irresponsible to use them over incandescent bulbs which are environmentally safe to just chuck in the trash (sigh).

    My only wasteful habit is that I keep my main ‘Energy Star’ Frankenstein computer on 24/7. (The glow of the screen makes for good night illumination of our hallway, and since we installed a “Magic Jack” to save on phone service, we need to keep it on to get calls.) I put my computer Tower together from separate components, (many of them used,) which I only upgrade when parts fail. I have two laptops, one which is over a decade old (Compaq LTE 500,) and a Presario 1260, in both cases I cannibalized parts from donors to make them operational. (I use them predominately for writing.)

    My used car is a decade old, my truck 80 years old, American made, 99% original and still running. I can fix most of the things that I need, and if I can’t, I try to learn how. I’m the do-it-yourself guy my friends and family call when they need advise on fixing things that don’t work, or if they want me to do it for a little extra spending cash.

    But like the South Park guys above, I really get irritated at the hypocritical smug preachy crap of far-left bozos who buy throw-away products, and follow the latest fashions and fads, discarding them when they are no longer “in style”. I hate wasting things, and I just wish we could get back to the good old “take it to the local repair shop” economy. (Remember when your parents and grandparents used to do that?) I enjoy all the new gadgets and technology, but it rankles me that it’s so expensive to fix them or you can’t find the parts. Why can’t they make this new stuff easier to fix?

    There ain’t a damn thing wrong with honest, common sense environmentalism or conservation, but don’t feel me any enviro-wacko B*llSh*t.

  10. 17


    DITTO:hi,your comment is very telling of the importance of being smart aware of dealing with products we use every day,not abuse it;[you should have a talk with OLDTROOPER and RIDE A PALE HORSE] : my neighboards are farmers not big but fair enouph to live okay,they have lots of old farm equipements,he is good to repair it; i found in them the biggest friends i could have find in a big city,i was before i moved in this country:they live by the wisdom of the earth,i learned more from them than any city school i went in the past;i eat the beef they nourish right in my backyard land,they own from previous generation,i drink the milk,from their cows and veggies from their garden;i feel good in pay them instead of the store;in my last fews words;i mean,i am so lucky to have found the treasures πŸ™„ of life,bye

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    @ilovebeeswarzone: you are indeed very lucky. I think you made a great point. A lot of ‘earth’, or green peace people with liberal mindsets, also tend to be vegetarian. However, they eat the veggies they get from places like the supermarket or restaurants. What these overly intellectual ideologues conveniently overlook, is the massacre of animals that happen when you till a field, collect crops with massive machinery etc.. Its always convenient to look as if you take the higher road, than to actually take the higher road. You know, like with sustenance farming – grow the food yourself, stop the hypocrisy. As with 99% of liberal theology – it is best preached and less lived.

  12. 19




    A lot of β€˜earth’, or green peace people with liberal mindsets, also tend to be vegetarian. However, they eat the veggies they get from places like the supermarket or restaurants.

    Pssst…..Liam? Not many know this, but I’m a passive member of the Vegetable Rights Militant Movement

    Stop Vegetable Cruelty Now!

    Check out the gallery of atrocities….some of these stomach-churning photos would surely cure vegans of their appetite for plant consumption.

  13. 20




    What these overly intellectual ideologues conveniently overlook, is the massacre of animals that happen when you till a field, collect crops with massive machinery etc..

    Excellent point:

    You see, the fact that animals consume so many fruits and vegetables is EXACTLY why it is more humane to eat them – because they at least have the means to fight back.

    Fruits and vegetables are sentient life forms that cannot defend themselves or flee from predators. Animals can. Who is really the victim here?

  14. 21


    As Spock said about the morality of being a vegetarian vs. a carnivore, “Everything lives on the death of something else.” Vegetarians have not been shown to have a moral edge in other aspects of their lives. Like Hitler, for instance.

    Earth day now means brainwashing to me. I read the most pathetic story about a therapist and her patient:
    It’s all part of the process of making you hand over your thinking and submit to a higher authority.

    Yesterday I was also contemplating the language of the Bible about worshiping “the World” instead of G-D. Gaia was an earth/world deity who wasn’t that important until revived in modern times with Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis

    and that was the start of the new earth religion, literally worshiping the World. Makes a point for the end-timers.

    It’s a shame that more people don’t get a chance to dig in the dirt and grow things and watch the effects of seasons on life. This leads to a different insight about life and earth than either the political or the guilt-trip Earth Days.

  15. 23


    RIDE A PALE HORSE:hi, i hope you don’t think i was against the portherhouse steak,i just love thoses medium rare,with mash potatoes;beside i was wondering how come you had no image link yesterday:you made up for it today ;bye πŸ™„

  16. 24


    PATTER;hi, yes some are extremist on any thing,i find they are unbalanced,i think they are the first one to crack up,when they have to face the real test of life;personly i like meat and veggies;i am abit fussy on foreihn raw food or diffrent spooky fish and shell,but a good home made traditional food is my usual;bye πŸ™„

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    There ain’t a damn thing wrong with honest, common sense environmentalism or conservation, but don’t feel me any enviro-wacko B*llSh*t.


  18. 28


    Sit down on my deck with a tall glass of fermented grains, and a huge Republican cigar enjoying the fruits of the earth and sending copious billows of pollutants into the atmosphere.

  19. 29


    SHAME ON YOU TONY ;for having such a good time;at least,do you diserve it?.did you work until wou sweat or was it handed it to you? πŸ™„

  20. 30


    TEXAS FRED, ON YOUR 2, are you going to show up at least on EARTHDAY,
    with your cabbage and pinto beans recipy for us,
    you are missing all the fun here, and we are missing your juicy comments,
    here too, so get in line so I can have fun to condradict you and get you angry,
    so you can’t hold it against the others, but I have to tell you that I have change for the better here with your brothers CONSERVATIVES. best to you, when you come here

  21. 31

    Nan G

    I very unexpectedly won the Earth Day award from the city of Long Beach a couple of years ago.
    No one was more surprised.
    See, I am NOT an ”environmentalist” at all!
    I am a conservationist.
    I hate the idea of never touching nature, leaving it ”pristine,” as the environmentalists preach.
    I (as a conservationist) like to help the land I own keep a balance that encourages all its little visitors to be happy and well fed.
    So, some plants are food for hummingbirds, others, food for various butterflies, bees, even wasp-eating birds!

    Inadvertently, my drought-resistant, native plant garden was at it’s peak of flowering beauty when ”the govenator” said we had a drought and the city decided to ration water.
    Our city councilwoman was living two doors down and had watched this garden come in and flourish.
    She was talking to me about how it would be a shame if it all died without enough water, so I educated her to how it didn’t need ANY water from a hose at all.

    Next thing you know, I was getting the award.
    Now I assist other people all over town putting in the right plants for their yards.
    Nicest ”work” a retired person can have.

  22. 32


    @Nan G:

    There is a big difference between a ‘conservationist’ and an ‘environmentalist’. The environmentalist seeks to destroy what mankind has built, in order to further nature. The conservationist seeks to have mankind and nature live in harmony, so as to further both.

  23. 33

    Spurwing Plover

    Earthday the time of the year when the green nuts fall thicker from the tree then raindrops in a downpour to many to count sloshing everywhere making roads,highways,freeway,streets and bike trails slippery and hazerdous

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