Why the Tea Partiers Should Thank the Tea Party Crashers [Reader Post]

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This year’s April 15th Tea Party protests saw an interesting twist. Groups of leftists are so impassioned by their hatred for anyone who would be opposed to their agenda that they came up with a novel way to oppose them: infiltration. They planned to crash the party, showing up with signs showing extreme racist views, misspellings, etc. Inadvertently, their idea may be the most helpful thing they could have done for the Tea Partiers as well as the most damning indictment of our mainstream media.

First off, PJTV’s Bill Whittle (video requires registration but is free) raised an excellent point – are there so few radical, racist, homophobes who can’t spell that the left has to infiltrate with their own? More significantly is the message they never realized that they sent. Basically, what every crasher and supporter is saying is that our mainstream press is so lazy, gullible, and easily manipulated that anything that supports their partisan views will get published, regardless of whether or not actual evidence supports it. Another inadvertent consequence is that the crashers made it far more difficult for the press to use them as typical Tea Party members, as they would have loved to do.

A great example is in this article from the AP. The headline read, “Tea party leaders anxious about extremists”. Yes, you’re damned right that they are, given how the press has treated the movement in the last year. From ignoring to thinly veiled contempt down to idiotic accusations, the left has done its best to show how it looks down on those unenlightened enough to appreciate the benefits of trillion dollar federal budget deficits. So yes, the Tea Partiers were ready for these crashers, knowing that no matter how insane or outrageous their signs were the press would jump at the chance to point them out as representatives of the movement. But let’s go back to my point from the end of the last paragraph. This created a problem for the press. Knowing that the word on these crashers was out, they would be under much greater scrutiny for who and what they chose to portray these events. They couldn’t simply grab a random loon and prop him up, as the blogosphere would be ready to investigate the background and legitimacy of these sources. Remember when journalists used to do these things?

Another interesting question is why didn’t the Tea Partiers do the same to all of the leftist protests during the Bush administration? Why not plant a few people with idiotic signs that would portray them as an angry mob of crazies? It wasn’t necessary. Not that our press noticed, of course. As I am fond of saying, that’s the beauty of our mainstream press. When they have a story to tell, they don’t let pesky details like facts or the truth get in the way of their story!

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    Great observations! The TEA party movement is truly grassroots and therefore scares the living HELL outta all these “Liberals But I wanna say… as with much use of language today, “Liberal” is another “Owellianized” term! Today’s “liberals” are among the MOST illiberal in political history! They are not liberals at all but leftist totalitarians! The Leftstream Media and the aformentioned “crashers” are an exhibit A example! Being totalitarians they will slander, oppress, censor and will even attempt to outlaw any and all opposition!

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    REDNECKBLOGGER:you pick the name i feel the best suited for thoses party crashers:thank you,i will use that name,when i refer to them. bye 🙄

  3. 4

    Donald Bly

    Brother Bob… very astute observation. Libtards, by the philosophy they advocate and the actions they take are good reasons we should maybe require an IQ test with a score of greater than 50 in order to vote…. If only I were king for a day!

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    Speaking of misused words, the lamestream media doesn’t deserve to be identified by words such as “press”, “journalism”, “reporter”, and “editor”. I don’t know what to call them, but I think of them by and large as careless, reckless, unprofessional, misinformed, under-qualified, biased beyond belief, lazy, anti-conservative, racist, sexist, and agenda-driven. For starters.

    They have only themselves to blame if they have a hard time covering the tea-parties. If they would approach it as if they wanted to find and publish the truth, it would be a whole different story.

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    Brother Bob

    First off, As always thank you for posting me, Curt.

    Note that in my post I don’t refer to the left as liberals but as leftists. I’ve seen more than a few writers note how illiberal the left has become. This will be the topic of a future post…

  6. 7


    BROTHER BOB:thank’s for having me;i will have fun when one of them show up like yesterday[another post] to ask him that question,”are you a leftist totalitarians”,,i can’t wait bye 🙄

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    Diamond Girl

    I also thank Obama…the sleeping giant wouldn’t have awoke like it has if not for him and his msm lemmings…along with his side-kicks in congress Pelosi and Reid.

    We will get out country back…God is on the right side of life…and he shed his Grace on thee.

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    At the Tea Party rally in Madison, several speakers called on the “infiltrators” to make their voices heard if they were in the crowd yet nobody stepped forward. There was one idiot driving a big panel truck around the square with slogans on it honking his horn but he never had the courage to stop.

    Considering that Madison seems to be in a libtard contest with Berkeley it really was surprising they didn’t show up and make a scene. It might have helped get the event some coverage on the news. There was close to 5,000 people there and you would have thought nothing had occured that day.

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    In the 30s the Kommies used the term “progessives” to discribe themselves. “Liberals” came into use as progrssives were identified as Kommies.
    Once again the radical left is returning to progessives and that ought to be the identifier term…

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    Brother Bob

    I still think that “leftists” is an accurate term – one that the left will never adopt, nor one that they could ever try to hop from when reality tarnishes it.

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    Bobachek, why don’t you get a video camera and film the Tea Party people of Madison, maybe do some impromptu interviews. Who needs the MSM and their propaganda, we can do fairly decent video with a camera that costs a few hundred dollars. I am sure there are plenty of people on this blog who would love to see some some Conservatives from Madison. We need to advance, the old media is dying from irrelevance, there is a vacuum, step forward and make the effort. I am going to start packing my camera and I will be filming to the best of my ability. This has become a grass roots effort to win back our country, we can not count on the former news bureaus, they are corrupt and only serve as state directed propaganda organs.

    We the bloggers have castrated the MSM, that was easy, now we must finish the job by providing our own news video!

    Long Live the Republic!

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    @nelli….You said:

    Speaking of misused words, the lamestream media doesn’t deserve to be identified by words such as “press”, “journalism”, “reporter”, and “editor”. I don’t know what to call them…

    I think that the media in this country, with a very few minimal exceptions can best be described as a Public Relations firm for the Far Left Liberals and their socialistic agenda.

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    Not to change the subject, but I read about how big BERTHA LEWIS says that the Tea Party people are “a bowel movement”. Just wanted to say in public to big BERTHA that:

    ‘Tis better to be the bowel movement rather than the bowel CONTENTS! Pelosi, Obama, Reid, big Bertha, both Clintons, ACORN and others are the BOWEL CONTENTS (or aka sh*t). Bowel movements tent to push out the bowel contents. Let’s do it.

  14. 16

    Brother Bob

    Hmmm.. Not up on comment etiquette, but when the comment section goes quiet for 24 hours I think it’s fair to hijack the thread as long as you roughly share the author’s views.

    Thanks for reading and for commenting on my post!

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