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23 Responses to “Senator Admits ObamaCare About Income Redistribution”

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    It’s ALL about redistribution of wealth. ALL OF IT!

    – Health Care
    – Amnesty
    – Crap and Trade

    And they’re going to try to get them all done before January 21, 2011

    Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

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    The bitch of it that Obama is working hard to create more dependency. Once the consumers outnumber the producers the producers in this country become slaves who will always vote themselves others’ money.

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    What about his income? I pay for my healthcare in taxes and now his, why when he makes way more and I make 25,000/year. Why do I have to pay for illegals as they will be the No. 1 citizen soon and bring to this country no English, filth, TB and all kinds of drunks driving on the wrong side of the road

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    Danny D

    Well, as much fun as I’ve had watching the American middle class binge and purge on its own flesh with masochistic glee, it might be a nice change of pace to see a sadist like Sen. Baucus do it for them.

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    I have been working since I was 16. I have worked my butt off all of these years to get where I am today. I have never used any of the “entitlements” because I was taught in order to get somewhere in the world, I had to work for it. Let them get off their big fat a$$es and get a job. I am sick and tired of people telling me I am ‘lucky”. Luck had nothing to do with it. people make choices in their lives. I can’t say I have always made the best decisions from the choices offered, but evidently I have made a few good decisions. Now after saying that, I will not pay for somebody who can work, but doesn’t want to work and believes that sucking off the system using my tax payers dollars is their entitlement. Getting a house, getting a high paying job, and getting health care is NOT a right – they are privileges.

    Now not only these people who are telling me I am getting too wealthy (I wish), are going to go after my 401K. They believe that everyone should have their 401K garnished and all the money put in a pool so everyone will get the same retirement. Let me tell you now. I will take out every penny regardless of the penalty and stuff it under my mattress before I will let this communist band of traitors get my money.

    I am still angry about this. I am still spitting angry and realize I need to calm down a bit and until then I am pretty much useless in being logical. I want to call these people names and wish ill upon them, but that will only get in the mud with them and guess what they like it. However, I will with my voice and vote kick these people out of office.

    While I am on a roll, and probably hijacking this thread (I apologize), I can only hope and pray that someone will look into barack, steve, barry or whatever his name is background. It goes further than where he was born. No one would spend over 2 million dollars fighting to not show his background if there was not something that could get him impeached – besides what he is doing now.

    Oh yeah and the census. I will answer the first question and answer the rest – when obama answers, I will.

    I love my country and fear for her safety . Her enemy sits in the oval office.

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    @DannyD…Your comments are very telling about your ideology. Very, very telling. I pity you.

    @disenchanted…I think you share your frustration with the vast majority of Americans.

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    Danny D

    @disenchanted, Okay, I read your whole post and I understand and empathize with where you are coming from…..and I strongly encourage you to hide whatever you can under your mattress, in your back yard, or in crypto currencies.

    I personally do not support President Obama’s economic policies, but America’s middle class squeeze started in 1969, while China’s middle class is growing by double digit rates, not to mention countless other emerging economies. I will not blame a birth certificate. We still live in an economic system that thrives off innovation and continues to reward the minds that conceive of this innovation.

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    Danny D

    @anticsrocks, I guess I probably did come off sounding like a Trustafarian, or Marxist whippersnapper, but trust me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. My roots are firmly fixed in middle class soil, so the idea that my kind were a naive, and self-destructive bunch was a tough pill to swallow.

    But I am here to read coverage of the Healthcare passage from a Conservative perspective , and to get a feel for where contemporary Conservatives stand on political candidates and issues. Not troll, as my comment may have seemed. Sorry. I already feel culturally out of whack with most Conservatives, and I know that my sense humor is probably even further behind.

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    @DannyD…fair enough. Kudos on being honest about your intentions.

    I can tell you that my perspective on the health care debacle comes from a conservative point of view, and also that I am a disabled American. I was born with a heart defect and was able to work most of my adult life. Sadly now, even though I possess a Psychology degree my health precludes me from being able to work. I need a heart transplant, but because of medical reasons I cannot have one at this time. I tell all this so that it is clear that, while conservative, I am not one of those “evil rich people” that Baucus was talking about. Pretty hard to be rich when you are not able to work.

    That being said, I am all for health care reform. Just not Obamacare. There is too much pork in it for it to be considered reformative. I have seen physicians practice defensive medicine and the state I live in has a shortage of OBGYNs because of the intolerably high malpractice premiums. When my daughter in law was pregnant, I went along with her on one of her prenatal checkups. I took the opportunity to ask her doctor about the shortage of OBGYNs and why it was so. She blamed the high malpractice premiums and said that she paid nearly $200,000 a year for hers. My jaw hit the floor. For there not to be tort reform in Obamacare is beyond ridiculous. It just shows that his biggest contributors are trial attorneys.

    I am also for opening up insurance purchases across state lines, like auto insurance is. The more competition, the better. Health Savings Accounts would be helpful and of course tax incentives for people to purchase individual policies. As for the pre-existing condition issue, that could easily be taken care of by setting up high risk pools for folks to be insured. Happens all the time in auto insurance.

    I am sure there are a ton of other good ideas that would make sense and help the free market to better serve the American public without taking it over. Too much government is never a good thing.

    Anyway, there’s my two cents.

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    Danny D

    @anticsrocks, thank you for sharing your two cents, I know that many Conservatives are not opposed to Health Care reform, and that 2002 saw the largest expansion since Medicare, but I didn’t know precisely what their idea of reform would be. So your response was helpful in offering a bit of that. I too think that there must be other solutions but I simply don’t understand the complexities of the current system well enough to think them through.

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    Antirocks, I am so in agreement with you – needs reforming – Get rid of greedy lawyers like John Edwards, insurance bought cheaper through States – oh notice those greedy politicians can dish out but they are exempt and so are felons (ACLU can be patted for that) and illegal aliens. Go to Houston and the illegal ignorants are lined up ready to have their felon babies and they are getting dialysis at our expense.

    BO is not an American, hates America, is applauded and paid for by George Soros who got rich in America but spits on it now. Soros put in that Al FrankNStein and he is an IDIOT. A good man with thinking like Coleman lot to Al NOT SO FUNNY Franken. Damn those liberal Jewish people who voted for this thing as he spits on our ally Israel and applauds Syria who hates us.

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    It’s not too soon to start converting your money. I did during the primary, also have spent savings to improve my house in long lasting ways, because I expect taxes, inflation, deflation and general craziness to make upgrades harder when I get older.

    Yes our healthcare system needs improving. It started on this slippery slope years ago, and has been patched until it is entrenched like a cancer. It would be very, very hard to make any change at all without hurting someone, but I think we need the effort right up until the whole shebang collapses. In increments so we can see their effects, there’s no way to tease out the proper influences when it’s such a global change. And in the meantime, take first aid courses and stock up on supplies.

    I think the first thing I’d do to improve things is make more people learn some basic things about drugs and make a lot of drugs available cheap and OTC, and let people self-medicate. Some would kill themselves off; but honestly, legitimate prescriptions do a lot of damage, and at higher cost.

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    Before you guys put too much faith in this Danny D, you should know he accused me of being a Tea Bagger. (Tea Bagging is a perversion practiced by many of the pedophiles and homosexuals of the Left, a reason they derive perverted pleasure out of using the term to portray people of the Tea Party) A technique of the Troll is to gain your confidence and then to whittle away at your belief system. He is pond scum borne from the sewers of Socialism. Trust him and play his game at your peril.

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    Danny D

    @Skookum. I agree with you on trolls, but if I was a calculating troll I wouldnt of started out on the wrong foot here, which I did when I tried to gauge your reaction on what I took to be a rabble-rousing statement on your part.

    I openly admit that I am not sure if Flopping Aces is the right place for my politics, but I know that I’m right-wing, and not Libertarian….so maybe I should figure that out first before I even post serious comments. Since finding others to be open to discussion here, I have already chosen not to comment on one post on an issue I find myself at odds with mainstream conservatives over…so I am learning.

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    My friends please follow my friend Kevin Jackson – he is making strides with conservativsm – made Shuster on MSNBC look foolish – liberals or lefties as they are called have no facts and just want to rant – Also another good man is Joseph Phillips (used to be on the old Cosby show) very conservative and has a great website – this is a start for men who will lead the way to make a difference – Another thing Pelosi 70 yet she condemns older generation – they worked and participated in making this country great and she has done NOTHING. She is the most arrogant piece of work.

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    This came from Hillbuzz, local Chicago boys:

    Rep. Jan Schakowsky is the wife of convicted felon Robert Creamer, notorious Chicagoland check-kiter (whose crime spree involved bank and charitable fraud, feloniously writing bad checks on accounts in one bank, for deposit into accounts in another bank, and withdrawal from a third bank before anyone could figure out there was no real money in the accounts to move around like that).

    Schakowsky was just appointed to Obama’s Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. She’s as stupid as a stick, doesn’t matter, being a felon doesn’t matter with the manchild either.

    He’s playing a vicious joke on this country, the country he lives in because he has to, we have running water and toilets, we had liberty and wealth, that, he finds offensive, unless of course you are in his clique….idiots, marxists, communists and criminals.

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