Obama Uses Teleprompter For A 10 Person Meeting

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Or thereabouts (I’m not counting those standing up, they are mostly advisors, handlers and security…those in the meeting are sitting)

The latest Teleprompter shot of the day hit the airwaves today:

obamaprompter1Here’s Obama dropping in for a chat with his middle-class task force.

Check out the video clip of the meeting:

Count how many people are in that room?

Who uses a teleprompter for this kind of meeting?

Why, the same kind of guy who would use one for 6th graders.

The true definition of a empty suit.

And for some added red meat here is new Jon Stewart video as he smacks Obama around for this latest gaffe.

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My how the mighty have fallen

And before I forget:

Indonesia mulls tearing down Obama statue

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 26 years.

44 Responses to “Obama Uses Teleprompter For A 10 Person Meeting”

  1. 1


    One thing up front, government does not create jobs, it destroys jobs. Government is the problem not the solution.

    Now that said, who drags out a teleprompter for a “stop by”(min 37) six and a half minute speech to a task force … And why would anyone do this?

    This is a clear indication of the state of mind of ZERO … and WOW!!!

  2. 2

    James Raider


    Sad. The discussion in that room is inane. We know he’s out of his depth, but the rest of these people have never managed a business of any size, evidently.

    The comments these people are making are strange to listen to. What a bunch he’s surrounded himself with. Wow, is right, Bill.

  3. 4


    It fits, unfortunately. Everything this Administration does is Kabuki Theater. We have Kabuki Security, Kabuki Afghan War, Kabuki Beer Summit, and now, Kabuki Jobs Summit. What a show these guys put on. This is a 10 person meeting being run like a press conference. Their statistics are highly suspect to say the least. I wish the Zero were an empty suit, he would do less damage that way. In retrospect, the Carter years don’t seem so bad anymore.

  4. 5


    He doesn’t think, he reads prepared text, he once introduced people twice because the teleprompter messed up. He hasn’t the time to learn the issues, look at the amount of days his speechifying, press conferences, etc. has taken up in a year’s time, add in traveling, vacationing and golfing. He is forced to read someone else’s work because he’d rather do other things than learn his job.

    Indonesial mulls tearing down the statue. Someone in Iran’s government publically called him the n word and Russia is now running a billboard in Great Britain of Obama morphing into Ahmadinejad. Are we all impressed?

  5. 7


    Outstanding work Granny Jan. We may have posted your video at the same time just different threads. Totally lost it with Rosie and the parrot did nothing to help me settle down.

  6. 9


    For 10 people, he uses a TELEPROMPTER….

    You have got to be kidding me…..

    to 10 people he is reading a propaganda…..

    Scott Brown rattled the living daylights out of this marxist, fascist, communist Lemon salesman.

  7. 11

    American Voter

    Granny Jen — didn’t O use less obvious floor-based teleprompter solutions? At least until early summer 08, when his flubs became nightly news clips, i.e., 57 states, forgot his geographical location, lost place in speeches, children’s breathalyzer/inhalator, the Austrian language, etc,)

    I noticed that after repeatedly telling the press he was just tired — the current teleprompter-style then became his permanent, signature staging. Anyone can make verbal mistakes…goodness knows the press BBQ’ed GWB for 8 years. . .but maybe O has an obsessive perfection streak that is proving to be his own undoing.

  8. 12


    I counted about 13 people. This guy is nothing but an empty suit. I said it 2 years ago and nothing he has done has convinced me otherwise. Hell, even Biden speaks better extemporaneously. Where’s Ronnie Raygun when we really need him?

  9. 13


    There are either 10 or 11 people seated at the tables. At first I counted 10 then I thought I caught a glimpse of another person obstructed in the right center. The two on the far right don’t seem to be attendees.

    Point is, The Anointed One … Our Lord and Savior … The Messiah … the Second Coming of Christ … is a vapid, empty suit who needs His “thoughts” written out for Him. Otherwise it’s, um … er .. um … I … uh … er …

    Separate note: what’s the over/under on the number of times He refers to Himself in the STFU speech?

  10. 14


    That was the 12th meeting of the task force and he, basically, gave a campaign speech to them. I mean, that would have been absurd on the first meeting, but the 12th? That’s just pathetic. Those people waited 37 minutes for him to finally show up, then they had to sit quietly through an inane campaign moment, and then their ideas weren’t discussed but merely mentioned. This guy couldn’t run a Boy Scouts meeting, let alone the United States of America. Is ‘stupidity’ an impeachable offense?

  11. 15


    You have to keep in mind that when Obama speaks without his teleprompters he tends to either babble or tell the truth. When he tells the truth it gets him in trouble because it contradicts what he has been saying. The teleprompters keep him in line with his liberal agenda and he doesn’t have to remember what he has said before.

  12. 17


    If his lying incompetence wasn’t destroying the country I’d feel sorry for him. It’s painful to watch people flounder so. Yet I think he really believes his own BS, his confidence in himself is the trait which inspires others to invest their own confidence in him, and maybe the only way that it can end is to keep pushing until he blows up. Which is sure to happen if he’s already flailing. He can’t stop if someone is pulling his strings, they can’t stop pulling without a different kind of disaster.

  13. 18


    Obama has either become the embodiment of the 900 slide Power Point presentation at these meetings or he’s really just using the teleprompter to admire his reflection. My guess is both.

  14. 24


    Sometimes when I see him with that teleprompter, I get the feeling he just wants to bust out into a karoake song. I think he would have been more suited to a reality TV show the way he loves that limelight and his teleprompter. Maybe he is realizing he is in the wrong profession. What do you think, after the four year mark, Obama in TV. Perhaps MTV, his own talk show on MSNBC. Just a thought.

  15. 25


    If he goes on PMSNBC, I can’t imagine he’d get better ratings than Mr. Tingly Leg, The Olbertard and Rachel Madcow. You can fit their combined audience in a phone booth.

  16. 28

    American Voter

    @TammyL — Great idea on tv personality role! Could further tempt him with the Constitutionality that he could run again at a later date if he leaves before two years.

    — make him a political commentator/opinion op personality — he could hem, haw, be professorial, and throw in lots of sarcasm and disdain about those he most dislikes. . .and give campaign style speeches to his heart’s content.

  17. 29


    @ American Voter—- Maybe he can hook up with Mr. Tingle leg, and we can watch Mr. Tingle me Jingle give him the mooning eyes, and the drooling grin. We might have to put a slop bucket next to Mr. Tingle me Jingle to catch his tears of ectasy. Who knows he may be able to water Africa with his “tears of Joy” being next to the New and Improved Superman. Drudge report has a great picture of Obama in the Superman outfit. I think I watched a similar episode in one of the older Monty Python episodes. I may have to dig those out for a laugh. 🙂

  18. 30


    USUALLY with such a small group (and even one twice the size) the “speaker’s” comments are printed up and handed out to participants to read along. But I’m beginning to wonder if the TOTUS isn’t just two mirrors Obama stands and admires himself in while pontificating about his problems being other people’s “fault”. I seem to hear that Al Franken character Stuart Smally’s daily affirmation whenever I see him with the TOTUS.

    Either that or it’s a direct tele-link to George Soros looking up at him and instructing him what to say.

    The fact Crazy Uncle Joe Biden doesn’t seem to need a teleprompter but “The One” does is, well, scary.

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