12 Responses to “Obama Would “Rather Be Really Good One-Term President” Than Mediocre Two Termer”

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    I wonder where national laughingstock or village idiot belongs on that list of choices. It is hard to blame the American Public for this imbecile in chief being elected. There was a compliant and shamelessly incurious media which refused to even the smallest amount of vetting. Three more years, Ugh!

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    bob wasem

    I play golf with one of the top shrinks in the southwest. He has said as far back as 2007 that Barry was a pathological lar and that his dark side is full of paranoia. The man is going to be
    IMPEACHED-he has the nerve to bring up re-election

    By the way Barry-STOP swinging that golf club before you hurt someone.

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    Back in my high school days, in the Bronx of the early ’60s, I had a schoolmate who was, as we called it then, full of himself. When he would give vent to his proclivities, we would sing this little ditty until he resumed control of himself:

    And I say to myself,
    I’m wonderful, wonderful,
    Oh, so wonderful am I.

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    0 a good one term President? Hell he is already worse than Jimmy Carter and he is only in his first year. Banks are collapsing, Cash for Clunkers was a total farce, The mortgage thing is a total washout, Porkulous has all but bankrupted the country. The only good thing that has come out of this mess is the killing of ObamaCare in its present form. Can’t impeach the SOB, because the idiot that is next up is a total looney tune. Best to elect a majority of Conservatives to keep his America killing stuff out of the Congress for the next three years, just long enough to turn them out on their tin ears.

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    It sounds to me like he is at least implying that getting health care passed is more important to him than gaining a second term. This is troubling inasmuch as it shows his commitment to the socialization/communization of America and that he is willing to go down personally in order to achieve it.

    Or perhaps he has been ordered to sacrifice himself, if necessary, for the goal?

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    think about this. he may in fact see the handwriting on the wall in his deluded mind. true he sees it through a prism that we can never see. so he is coming up with the one term bull because he knows where it is going. he writes out a fantasy in is mind of the first black president battling te baggers and repubs in a valiant way that the ages will not forget, blah, blah, blah.

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    When will he start?
    Will his term include only the last three years?
    Will the first year be a mulligan?
    Actually, I’d rather be Joe Montana. But I’m not.
    Eat your heart out, Millard Fillmore.
    The story, as I heard it, is that the Oval Office carpet had to be replaced when Fillmore left office. It is said that he spent so much time in front of the mirror that he wore a hole in the carpet.
    When one believes one’s own oratory, one is totally disconnected from the truth.
    Obama cannot succeed as President. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Government of the United States. CEO is an administrative position with specific obligations and functions. Hobama has never served as a CEO and, in fact, has no idea of how to do the job.
    Fauxbama will double down on his populist attacks on the Banks, Insurance Companies, and large industries. He will try again for Big Government control of Health, Weather, and Energy.
    He does not learn; Lincoln told us that you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

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