Desperate John Kerry plays the fear card….

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This is just too rich…. the short and sweet version? Kerry warns that Brown rallies are “…reminiscent of the dangerous atmosphere of Sarah Palin’s 2008 campaign rallies.”

“I’m no stranger to hard fought campaigns, but what we’ve seen in the past few days is way over the line and reminiscent of the dangerous atmosphere of Sarah Palin’s 2008 campaign rallies. This is not how democracy works in Massachusetts,” Kerry said in a written statement Monday.

“Scott Brown needs to speak up and get his out of state tea party supporters under control. In Massachusetts, we fight hard and win elections on the issues and on our differences, not with bullying and threats,” he added.

Well, at least he’s not reminiscing about Ghengis Khan anymore…

Does make you wonder if the now Sr. MA Senator’s handlers, who ought to be keeping him in touch with the doin’s of the common folk, mentioned that the bullying and threats, as well as physical assaults, aren’t coming from the Brown supporters.

But it’s good for a laugh today, eh?

Vietnam era Navy wife, indy/conservative, and an official California escapee now residing as a red speck in the sea of Oregon blue.

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    Kerry had better watch out. He might be the next one to be cleaning out his office. Mass residents knew Kennedy. Kerry ain’t no Kennedy.

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    Every time Senator Kerry comes to my attention, I can’t help but think, “Where were the Viet Cong when I really needed them”.

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber

    11B40 now that’s funny. It’s a wonder he wasn’t fragged. And VN was a cluster F when the pols and the media got involved in it. But you know that.11B40. There are 58,000 plus on that “Wall”. “Never Forget”
    “Semper Fi”

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    “not with bullying and threats”

    Kerry praised the North Vietnamese, who were guilty of far more than mere bullying. I guess he’s just another “liberal” who is okay with mass-murder as long as it’s done by leftists, but opposes even peaceful opposition by patriotic Americans. It’s a pity he was never prosecuted for his treason.

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    Sorry, but I just HAD to dig out this “oldy but Goody”: “Veterans’ Day”

    How liberals do defy the mind
    For nothing in theirs’ can we find,
    That willingly will look with reason
    At how their man committed treason,
    Skulked off to Paris this effete
    To grovel at the Madame’s feet,
    Betraying his sworn officer’s oath
    To become the turncoat we so loathe.

    Our law is clear you shall not treat
    With America’s foes nor their cadres meet;
    Give aid nor comfort to enemy forces
    Nor espouse a view from hostile sources.
    Without a mandate from the state
    Wherefrom your right to negotiate?
    Was treason, John, and is treason still
    To this very day your unpaid bill.

    Don’t try to hide behind your youth.
    You knew the law you knew the truth.
    You knew your faux negotiation
    Would further tear our war-torn nation
    And all for what, John, your career
    So you can shameless brazen here,
    And claim now that you’re fit to lead
    The very nation you made bleed?

    And yet before us there you stand
    With medals blazing you demand
    Such treachery we must ignore
    Your treason that lost us our war.
    But hold on, John, we veterans say,
    You had your turn, now comes our day.
    You thought we slept, forgot your crime?
    Oh no, John boy, it’s come our time.

    Some say let you apologize
    But that won’t do it in our eyes.
    A man astride of each position
    Could we believe your true contrition?
    The vindication we’ll accept
    In settling up this long-held debt,
    Is each of us will do his best
    To deny you, John, your lifelong quest.

    Listen carefully John to what we say,
    November 2d is Veterans’ Day.

    Russ Vaughn
    2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    101st Airborne Division
    Vietnam 65-66

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    Nicky P

    @Scrapiron, you’ve just endorsed the shooting of a democratically elected Senator. Who’s the traitor?

    It’s unfortunate that mainstream Republicans are not capable of critiquing liberalism from an ideological perspective, and have to rely school yard bullying.

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    Nicky P

    @pst314, your incorrect. American leftists have a long a tradition of anti-communism. But then again, American leftism doesn’t exactly mean what “leftist” means to the rest of the world. No offense, but I really don’t expect you to understand that based on your comment.

    @Nostradamus, FYI, but it’s actually MLK day, a nationally recognized holiday. Are you anti-American?

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    Nicky P… aka N. Ando… aka a’dinka do/Dankery D:

    Either you’re too young to know first hand of Kerry’s traitorous behavior towards fellow troops and families. Or a “victim” of public education. Unfortunately the 60’s anti-war movement – far too many of whom are now Congressional leadership on YOUR side of the aisle – felt the need to use the US electoral system to glorify a traitor instead of ostracizing him.

    And then, of course, you compound your personal embarrassment by this comment:

    “American lieftists have a long tradition of anti-communism”.

    heh… using who’s history books? Venezula’s and Cuba’s?

    However you may say farewell, a’dinka do. Sock puppet activities are a no no here, and consider yourself history. But then, we hardly knew ya, and your contributions were so miniscule as to do nothing more than swat at the arm to kill the pesky gnat.

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    Hey Nicky, so you were for it until you changed and voted against it? Kinda like your sugar Daddy Kerry. Where I come from, leftists have a long tradition of communism….A commie, a leftie, a progressive, a liberal, a democrat, a union member, an islamic, a liberal Jew, an environmentalist…they are all the same because you all voted for hope and change. So go back to your commie blogg!

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    Don’t forget my friends
    If you buy a bottle of Heinz
    A dime drops in a gigolo’s pocket
    And lines the liar’s deep pocket

    Oh! John Kerry, he who is so proud
    Thumps his chest and screams so loud
    While our friends and brothers
    Left such sadness among lost lovers

    John Kerry cheats and denies it
    While our heroes are so cold and quiet
    All those brave young men
    Yet Kerry lives and breathes in lies and sin
    Gone before their time
    Think of that before buying Heinz, giving Kerry that dime

    How ironic is it that Heinz is red
    Red like heroes’ blood
    And still the blood is being shed
    While Kerry walks over dead Heroes in the mud

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    Aye Chihuahua


    @Nicky P:

    American leftists have a long a tradition of anti-communism.


    Like when Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy reached out to the Russians offering to help them defeat Reagan?

    Or perhaps you mean when they hung a flag with Che Guevera’s picture in their campaign offices?

    Maybe you mean their tradition of anti-communism was apparent when they praised Castro?

    Or you could be referring to their opposition to Reagan every step of the way when he was attempting to slow the spread of communism in Nicaragua?

    Or, could it be that you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground?

    Yeah, it’s pretty obvious what the answer is.

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    Now now, Aye…. how many sock puppets have you off’ed here at FA? And a’dinka do is more insidious than most with his admitted “divide and conquer” ‘tude. He has an agenda. Just not truthful as to who sent him on.

    Bottom line, he is fringe… hard to say if left or right, but neither are much worth the CO2 they emit, mind you. Either way, an albatross around the neck of humanity. He can either pick a socialist, or neo-Nazi site on which to hang. But the sock puppet routine here ain’t going to cut the mustard.

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    Aye, Maybe Nicky P is trying to ‘infiltrate’ our blogg as it was suggested by our dear czar of regulation CassSunstein because we think the wrong way and that ‘behavior’ should be punished..we will be taxed or audited by IRS very soon. Behavior modification anyone?

    Latest, our dear leader is preparing to became more ‘aggressive’ towards the American people with his progessive policies in response to his defeat in the polls with the HC, MA,VA and Jersey….so my prediction is that the left wants confrontation and they want to fight ’cause they are loosing badly….

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    You do all remember that a’dinka do/Dankery D. was telling me *I* was a liberal, and playing the uber conservative. But of course that all smelled to the high heaven his atheist butt abhored.

    As I said in my comment to Skookum, linked above, he tried too hard to play “right”, so I pushed “left” and got a rise. Then, when you consider his alternative sock personalities, he tried too hard to compensate right.

    Fringe? Yes. Extreme right? Maybe, but only a slight “maybe”. But most likely progressive left and part of those sent to play the infiltration/incite games on forums. So most definitely a liar. History, gone, and overdue “good riddance”.

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    Hopefully, Brown will inspire the voters in MA to rid themselves of the Heinz Gigolo: he can then enjoy another man’s money in obscurity, money he feels entitled to after enduring his wife for so many years, while the people of MA reclaim their dignity, without the shame of Kerry biting them in the ankles like a rabid Cocker Spaniel.

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    michael McKenna


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    @yonason, are you linking to tell me to read my own posts? LOL!

    Allow me to ‘splain… MA is exercising a rebellion. Not against health care as you and I see it. MA has it’s own mandated health care with Romney’care, so their opposition is different than mine, and probably yours. Doesn’t matter… I’ll take a “no” merely to start over on *real* cost reform.

    What MA voters want is that the feds don’t rock their own health care boat. Even Brown admits this when he says he’s for a “universal” health care, but he doesn’t want MA to pay for Obama’s “universal” care.

    If Brown wins… and with substantial margin…. MA voters are screaming “14th Amendment” at the top of their lungs. This is going to shake the very foundations of Mr. International, John Kerry. There will be things they will agree with, but if Brown wins, consider John “the international citizen” Kerry on official notice by his constituents. His easy road will have more than a few potholes.

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    Yon, I forgot to mention INRE the possible “dead” voters. In my post, I point out that it takes 1/2% margin win to escape the recount. Remember this magic number… 10,000 to 12,000. 10,393, if we’re talking 2008 registration figures, but let’s go wide.

    For safety factor, if Brown wins by a margin of both 100% “dead” voters, plus estimated absentee/military-civilians overseas voters (let’s say 120K to be safe), he needs about 58% of the voter turnout to avoid all possible challenges of ballot qualification.

    Also remember that even tho 116K dead voters are registered, we don’t know if those votes will appear in this election. In fact, did those dead voters “vote” in the 2008 Presidential election? Something the Aristotle study does not address. So lets assume that, at this last minute surge, it’s impossible to get 100% fraud on the zombie vote.

    Feel better yet?

    The absolute numbers are going to fluctuate, but the big key is paying attention to the margin of victory vs absentee/military votes first. Then the possible zombie vote second. If the margin is large enough to render all useless and ineffective, it’s a serious victory.

    If there is some margin of question, the Dems will go for it. But they will also go for it at considerable political/reputation risk.

    Then again, looking petty has never been a problem for the Dems.

    But take heart. Just do a “rain” dance for Brown votes. It’s not that I find him such an appealing candidate for conservatism, but I sure find him appealing as a bellwether/slap in the face wake up call to progressive leadership in Congress. Especially being located in MA.

    Gonna be a long day for many tomorrow. I’d say most especially the Dims. Because this one is going to be a “near miss” for them at best, and at worse they will have their political clock cleaned in public.

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    “@yonason, are you linking to tell me to read my own posts? LOL!”

    LOL. No, just putting the rest of my comment in perspective, Mata.

    And thanks for the elaboration. Now I see where you are coming from. That also makes sense of some things about Brown that seemed at odds with the expectations of many Conservatives, as…

    this from Debbie Schlussel...
    “Brown was critical of President Bush and defended President Obama regarding the current financial crisis.”

    …and SEIU support for Brown

    We’ll have to take whatever we can get, but even in a best case scenario, we’re not getting anywhere near what we ultimately need. How far we’ve sunk for this to be a “victory.” It’s going to be a long hard fight.

    UPDATE – Thanks for the additional info. Looks like a sound analysis to me, and yes, since they are making it an issue, any “defeat” for them is a good thing for us. Especially when we’re talking about it happening in MA.

    I’ll have to call my aunt who lives there tomorrow, and hear how she sees it from there. She’s kind of on-the-ball, and no Lefty, so I’m curious to hear what she has to say.

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    Never forget, Yon… it’s MA. By their standards, Romney is a “conservative”. Brown is about the best we can expect. And if he can:

    1: throw the Senate seat to an R, even if it stands for “RINO”, that’s an improvement and has serious shock value…. plus
    2: vote “nay” to put a halt to the spending/remaking fiasco called O’healthcare

    …… then I’ll take it. But after a healthcare vote, I will be watching him carefully.

    But then, as I said, it’s MA. To them, Brown *is* conservative.

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    Nicky P: I’m a Vietnam Vet and served at the same base the lying traitor Hanoi John did. Evidently you don’t read too good either. I said arrested, tried, convicted and shot, not assisinated, although I could live with that also. My hope is to live long enough to pi** on his grave since he pi**ed on every Vietnam Vet. Read up on the traitor before you jump in or you look as stupid as he does. Well maybe you don’t just look that way. I was just watching FOX news and though they had slipped and broadcast a closeup of a horses a**, then saw it was Hanoi ‘traitor’ John’s face.

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    Like Baron Munchausen, John Kerry’s legend looms larger in his own mind every day. When he’s not out there slaying dragons he gets bored and his mind tends to make up imaginary monsters. For pity’s sake John, a Sarah Palin rally?

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