11 Responses to “Dems to Skyrocket National Debt: Obama’s Leadership Failure?”

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    The facts of this article should be boiled down to about 3 things that conservatives can use to riposte the continual troll bleat that it’s all Bush’s fault that the debt is so big. Seriously. The lib trolls rely a lot on talking points and it works. When they are all over the place saying “Bush ran up the deficit because of the war,” people come to assimilate the talking points as common wisdom. Thanks for the first best one, Republican congress took 12 years to run up 4 trillion; Dem congress got up to 5 trillion in less than 3. Perfect encapsulation of Congress’s role.

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    But don’t you see Pat? Bush spending=bad/unnecessary.
    Obama spending 4X as much=good/necessary.

    Kinda like the excuse used by my then 3-year old boy when busted for sneaking a handful of cookies…”But Kayla already took one!”

    Thus is the “logic” used by those on their collective knees, prostrate before their secular god.

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    this is marketing as we have grown up with it. We must know by now every spin can be reversed.
    Bush spending = kept us safe/grew jobs, etc.
    Obama spending = where’s the beef?
    And the 3-year old’s excuse, you’re quite right, it’s the logic of the pre-moral mind and always has to be countered with “That doesn’t make it right.” Then to keep it from turning into Yeah? Yeah! Oh, Yeah?, etc., the point that it is not right must be immediately taken to your talking point or question to keep them off their feet. Such as, how much is this going to help you? It’s a little sneakier to start trying to make them list the positives than to point out your negative.

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    Glenn Cassel AMH1 USN Retired

    Shakespeare’s Henry II comes to mind………..about a meddlesome priest. But in this instance it would be the meddlesome traitor.

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    So, he was against raising the debt limit before he was for it, against hiring lobbyists before he was for it, against using public campaign money before he was for it, against “signing statements” on legislation before he was for it, against the patriot act before he was for it, I mean nobody is perfect. After all, on the flip side, he was for transparency in government before he was against it.

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    MIKE”S AMERICA: hi, COULD it be that he does it on purpuse to scare any opposition ,
    to replace him, now that he went to far on spending,he’s going to get to the bottom of the purse.
    saying i won. bye

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