39 Responses to “George and Laura Bush Visit Victims of Fort Hood Shooting In Private”

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    President George W Bush: Commander-in-Chief

    Barack Hussein Obama: Pretender-in-Chief

    Believe me, the men and women in our military know the difference!

    [Thank you President Bush for once again assuming the mantle of Comforter-in-Chief . . . I’m certain the soldiers at Fort Hood thanked you as well!]

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    The Spanish newspaper El Mundo just announced that the Obama’s will be at Ft. Hood for the burial ceremony of the victims.
    According to the news release, the WH has asked Japan to postpone their visit for one day, from Wednesday to Thursday. So, I assume that the ceremony is going to be Wednesday.

    After the 9/11 terrorist act, this is the second act of such magnitude and I do think Obama should have traveled to Texas to show compasion and console the soldiers and their families. Sadly, I don’t think that Obama knows what to do or how to act in this case. He needs to grow up fast!

    Thank God for President Bush and his wife Laura. What a decent couple!

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    Red 73

    Decency, respect, honor, compassion, patriotism are a few words describing President and Mrs. Bush. A far cry from the current residents of 1600.

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    George W. and Laura Bush are class acts. They always have been and their visit to FT Hood does not surprise me, particularly in the way in which they conducted it. Their first concern was not to draw attention to themselves as they sought to comfort wounded soldiers, civilians and family members. The President does not have that option and to fly into FT Hood would be an unneeded distraction at this time.

    I rarely listen to what Obama has to say. He’s so over-exposed and disingenuous that I don’t particularly want to hear his voice. It doesn’t surprise me that he gaffed his rushed comments on the day of the shooting, but for crying out loud, calling for Obama to fly to Texas before the dust has settled is petty if you’ve taken the time to consider the disruption it will be for the command at FT Hood. Considering his photo-op performance at Dover, do you really want a repeat of that spectacle on a much larger scale?

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    Jeff Stone

    While Erick at RedState is outspoken, he is dead wrong !

    One is an example of a President showing calm resolve in front of impressionable youngsters; the other is a President showing self importance as he was dis-interested in the feelings of others.

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    Old Trooper

    tfhr, You are spot on. Ft. Hood does not need a Three Ring Circus. SEC DEF, CJCS and Sec of the Army should attend to show respect and represent the US Military in this matter. A POTUS visit will just be a Media Circus and lend no dignity. If the Pretender just wants to shoot some hoops or get his face on TV there are closer Military MWR facilities than Ft. Hood.

    Funerals, Last Honors and Memorial Services are for the Fallen and their Families. A little Humility is called for on a large magnitude. It is a time of Mourning, not a photo op. His last Media Event reference to this tragedy left a whole lot to be desired. Putting Soldiers to Rest is not a Campaign Event, a time for Shout Outs or a Party Pep Rally. It is about Respect for the Fallen and Families, not the Other Attendees.

    The Guy who voted to De-fund the Troops and can’t send Support and Reinforcements to the Stans needs to be somewhere else doing something else to somebody else. Just my take on it.

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    Since we still don’t know what is in the bill, be prepared to be
    outraged, insulted, and criminalized.
    Say no to signing up. Go Galt NOW
    Start RECALL elections NOW.

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    I agree with tfhr and O.T., but why couldn’t our President inform the populace with a solemn message expressing grief and compassion for the families and victims and declare a day of national mourning. Instead he makes flippant remarks like he is officiating an intramural basketball game. This man is beneath contempt. He needs to relieved of command as soon as possible. Having an imbecile in the White House is dangerous and a disgrace.

    Impeach in 2011!

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    Old Trooper I do wish he would take your advice. Stay the hell away from our military and their families. The resident Whiner in Chief couldn’t carry the boots of these men and women.

    I was in Washington on Thursday when I heard about the terrorist attack. And that’s what it is, a terrorist attack. I’ve been to Ft. Hood many many times, the majority of my family has been stationed there on and off for the past 40 years and next to any Marine base in the states it’s my favorite. My cousin who just got back to the States after a year in Iraq would have been at that location had the Army not changed their minds on Tuesday and packed him off to Ft. Bliss on Wednesday to demob. The Whiner in Chief is blissfully unaware of anything around him except HIM.

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    He doesn’t give a crap about our men and women in uniform. His actions speak louder than his empty words. He’s too concerned with the “challenges that lie ahead for Native Americans” and his health care plan… pathetic.

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    I agree, Ft. Hood does not need the added burden of Obama showing up. Couldn’t he have dispatched the Secretary of the Army or the Secretary of Defense to carry his condolences and explained to the public why instead of the pathetic way he addressed this?

    Has he commented at all on the USS New York? FOX has done excellent coverage, but, I did go grocery shopping yesterday, could have missed it.

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    @Jerry Bowles:

    The article said “a source told FOX News.” It also said they…”entered and departed the sprawling military facility in secret” Gate guard, family member, member of the medical personnel, janitor? You think they wore wigs, Groucho Marx glasses and walked the halls incognito?

    Stupid, stupid question, I’m so surprised. /sarc

    Grow up.

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    JB, in this definition of private, it means that there was no press or fanfare. Consequently, their visit was not a media event and photo op appearing in newspapers around the world. In other words, it did not appear like someone was trying to gain political purchase by saluting a fallen hero with a non-military salute.

    Like the two words crass and class, the difference in spelling is only one letter, yet the meanings are entirely different. The former president conducted his reverence toward our fallen with class and dignity in an understated but real show of affection and concern. That is why he will always have the support and loyalty of the military.

    Obama appears to have as much class and dignity as an outhouse rat with schizophrenia. You would think that he could be better advised by his staff and Marxist Czars (an oxymoron to describe morons); but when you surround yourself with like minded sycophants and incompetents, you will always end up looking like an incompetent buffoon.

    However to show respect for the current president, we should refer to his efforts as crass at best, distinctly lacking in class.

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    Obama has little or no capacity for empathy. He does not understand that ultimately, Americans think of themselves as a large family. I was truly astonished at his statement and more importantly, his inability to show even the most meager supportive response to those who lost family members. GWB personally contacted the families of each service member who lost their lives in Iraq or Afganistan and he did so without fanfare or publicity much as his visit to Fort Hood. There are many reports on how he was personally and greatly moved by these losses. We see nothing of the sort from Obama. During the campaign I was struck at how he seemed able to connect with so many people from the pur hearts are. His lack of empathy will ultimately be his undoing. He does not feel our pain, he feels no pain. His soul is on the golf course and not in America.

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    SoCal Chris

    Here’s the conversation I could imagine occurred between Obama and President Bush if and when President Bush called him the day of the attack. It could have gone something like this:

    President Bush: “Obama, you plan on doing the right thing and at least contacting the families of the victims and the wounded, since I know you’re not comin’ down here?”

    Obama: “Uh, nope.”

    President Bush: “Definitely don’t bother now…I got it covered. Not thinkin’ they much want ta hear from you anyway. They need someone who actually cares.”

    Obama: “Uh, yep, whatever.”

    (By the way, I know President Bush would never talk like this to Obama as he’s too much of a gentleman.)

    Thank you President Bush and Laura…I know you were a breath of fresh air and a voice of healing to those grieving family members, and to the survivors. God bless you.

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    “First of all……..Blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, bullshit. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME…………I I I I I I I I I ………..blah, bullshit, bullshit, yadda yadda yadda. “and a shoutout to “Congressional Medal of Honor” yadda yadda bullshit………”the challenges that lay ahead for native Americans” blah blah blah me me me me……. “oops…..did I say Congressional Medal of Honor?………my bad”……….” that’s a MILITARY award for service above and beyond the call of duty, mostly awarded Posthumously (“how did I know that?”)………I shoulda said Congressional Medal of Freedom (which I don’t actually believe in) but hey…..what the hell, they’re both the same.” “Aren’t they?” “Oh well!” “No big deal”. “As long as I……yadda yadda yadda……” “Where the hell is my teleprompter???” “Hey……YOU……with the camera…….I’m over HERE……”

    “Oh and by the way, some of you may have heard that some guy shot some people at some Army place in George Bushs state of Texas” “I knew it was his fault for living there.” “Let’s not rush to judgement because the guys name is Islamic, like I did when that white, racist cop stupidly arrested my pal Skippy in Cambridge Ma. I didn’t have to have all the facts to know that he acted stupidly.” “He’s a typical white guy and a cop to boot”. “I know what those people are like.”

    But Mr. Bush is the asshole…………

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    Yes, he and the misses are going to show for the burial ceremonies. Wonder whether MEshill will demonstrate their true colors behind all the BS words he’ll spout, by wearing another happy, party dress? Or will her 22 handlers make sure she wears black?

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    I wonder what kind of “treatment” this doctor was administering to the troops who returned from battle needing treatment for PTSD?

    If we still had journalists, they could look into his patient-history, and see if any of the men or women he “tended” to, had results counter-to the expected norm, and then tack malpractice onto the charges of treason and murder, and get those warriors follow-up treatment.

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    This is the type of class, patriotism, and respect you’ll never see from THE ONE.
    Contrast the dignity shown by GW as opposed to Barack “shout out” Obama and his photo op at Dover AFB.

    Can you imagine Obama-shit-for-brains during a 9/11-type attack?

    Obama: “First I’d like to give a shout out to all my muslim brothers at CAIR, the Arab-American Action Network, The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and a big ‘word to the brutha’ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for his re-election…..Oh and by the way, there’s been a “man-caused disaster” …..details are sketchy….Joe, tell ’em to fire up Air Force One, looks like I have to go on another apology tour….”

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    @RAPH: THAT is funny. I’m sure if MEshill does have to wear a burqua she will get one that is sleeveless! But, I’m also thinking she might be allowed to have a floral one in bold colors.

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    First, my thoughts and prayers to the families at Ft. Hood for their losses.
    Second, MY “shout-out” to President and Mrs. Bush for their continued support of our troops.
    Just knowing you were at Ft. Hood, with your never ending compassion and support for our military and their families, will give them the strength to heal.
    Third, Thank God I retired in 2006 and can’t be recalled under this emotionless and pathetic excuse of a man-child.

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    AnnMonterey – I would love to see MEchelle in a burqua. At least it would cover up that nightmarish face of hers. She has teeth that could eat corn-on-the-cob thru a picket fence. Not that she would dress accordingly for a funeral. Did you see that getup she wore to Ted Kennedys funeral? It reminded me of the phrase “widows’ weeds”. Veil and all. What a disgrace to the highest office in the world. Let’s leave the important things to GW and Laura who show class when it is called for (and without tons of cameras following like lap dogs). How I miss the Bush WhiteHouse.

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    @Madalyn: Yes, the veil at Teddy’s funeral was an attempt to copy Jackie at JFK’s funeral. Could be right for the widow but strange for anyone else but then, she doesn’t know what’s appropriate…ever. She outdid TK’s widow. Wouldn’t you think there’d be some books around the WH?

    I was not a big fan of the Bush WH but do they ever stand out now! Laura Bush was a classic and class act…never in dispute. Neither of them had to have lessons on etiquette, appropriateness or how to be an American. You have to wonder how so much of this escaped the zeros…and with all those “Aides” and Czars they still can’t get it right.

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    Fair & Balanced – JOKE!

    Maybe George W. had to SNEEK in to Ft Hood cause nobody invited him! With the threat of criminal charges, the trampling of civil rights of Americans, and the outright LIES under his administration – you think we want him representing us as the symbol of America! With Bush as “Commander in Sneak” his policies and actions did more to put soliders in harms way, and in support of a personal vendetta against Husan, and nothing to do with national security.

    He came in through the back door of Ft Hood the same cowardly way he left the Whitehouse.

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    @Gloria Marshall:

    Thanks so much for stopping by Gloria…

    Would you mind elaborating as to which facts you are in disagreement over?

    Your posted Snopes article contains all sorts of stuff. The body of this post contains nothing.

    So, tell me precisely what you’re disagreeing with and then we’ll debate it.

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