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    I agree with A & M, anything that casts a negative light on Communism or authoritarian control, is not an event to celebrate.

    The problem with this juvenile attitude is that you paint yourself into an ever smaller corner; i. e. courting the gay vote, but by doing so he is expected to recognize gay marriage; yet, to save face and preserve stature in the Muslim World, he must distance himself from the gay lifestyle and their demands. Perhaps his refusal to function as a war time president is rooted in these same conflicts.

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    germany one of our staunchest allies? Ha, so is France….. Sarcasm aside, to not celebrate a significant moment like this in recent history, spits in the faces of those that lived it, persevered through it, and are glad its gone. Especially when you are the leader of the United States and played a vital role in the tearing down of that wall. I guess it would be hard for a socialist to really celebrate the victory over socialism in another country. Maybe his hypocrisy has limits.. again, Ha.. I doubt it.

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    Dirty Sanchez

    Oh please, lets be real for a minute. You guys would criticize Obama no matter if he stayed home or went to Germany. You’re not fooling anybody. If he had decided to go, you would be whining about him not meeting with the generals in Afghanistan or bitching about his inattention to domestic issues or some other phony non-issue.

    The one thing conservatives are very good at is complaining. You’re terrible at governing, but you’re definitely masters of faux outrage.

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    Some are happy to have elected a representative of this Country who will SPIT on all of us. Now we know…..I hope we NEVER DO IT AGAIN. Obama is a President that has no idea who most of us are. What a pathetic situation!

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    Dirty Sanchez – So Afghanistan and domestic problems are “non-issue”. I think they are most definitely important. Just because we point out his faults instead of just idly sitting by while he destroys the greatest nation on earth does not make us complainers. We face facts, unlike so many of you left wingers. Obama is a disgrace, and I hope he is impeached sooner than later.

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    Given the fact that the pretender is notoriously thin skinned, after all, he’s still bemoaning that his date night entered the political realm, FOXnews dares to question his policies, etc. Could it be that he still has a burr under his blanket over his lost chance to appear Reaganesque at the Brandenburg Gates during his Obamapalozza? Also, the Sarkozy/Merkel public opposition to his Iran policy? Might he be quietly employing the same tactics to Germany?

    Michael Barone wrote this Obama, “then and now” column a couple of weeks ago that just may have something to do with the absence noted by the whole world. Barone might be facing a few slings and arrows from the Obama camp for writing this but, to make sure Obama doesn’t have to face anymore of it from the tip of Barone’s poison pen, he’s sending his gaff master Biden, which should render plenty of material.

    ,blockquote>O’s embarrassment Berlin rhetoric vs. DC reality

    PRESIDENT Obama, who found time to go on a 24-hour jaunt to Copenhagen on Oct. 2 to seek the 2016 Olympic Games for Chicago, apparently can’t find the time for a 24-hour trip to Berlin on Nov. 9 for a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Well, we all have our priorities, and the president can’t be everywhere at once, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will surely represent America ably in Berlin.

    Still, it seemed an odd decision to me — until I went back and got the speech that candidate Obama delivered on July 24, 2008, to a crowd of 200,000 in the Tiergarten in Berlin. As I reread the text, it struck me that there would be an embarrassing contrast between what Obama said in Berlin 15 months ago and many policies he has been pursuing as president.

    Some conservatives were irritated that Obama introduced himself at the Tiergarten as “a fellow citizen of the world.” But before that, he declared himself “a proud citizen of the United States,” and of his 46 paragraphs only one was devoted to an apology for America’s misdeeds, “our share of mistakes,” “times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions.” Quite a contrast here from the more profuse apologies he has made abroad this year.

    Obama, in seven stirring paragraphs, also recounted America’s airlift of food and fuel to Berlin when the Soviets cut off land access in 1948. True, at one point he suggested that the Berlin Wall came down because “there is no challenge too great for a world that stands as one.” But he also spoke of “the bullet holes in the buildings and the somber stones and pillars near the Brandenburg Gate,” evidence of Soviet oppression.

    These portions of the Tiergarten speech looking to the past could be repeated, with different phrasing, in a speech commemorating the fall of the Wall. But the portions of the Tiergarten speech looking to the future would pose some problems.

    In the Tiergarten, Obama spoke of “the terrorists who threaten our security in Afghanistan” and of the need “to defeat the Taliban and al Qaeda” there. That doesn’t mesh well with his recent reconsideration of the Afghanistan strategy he announced in March and reiterated in August or with the White House spin doctors’ suggestion that the Taliban and al Qaeda aren’t necessarily allies anymore.

    In the Tiergarten, Obama asserted his “resolve to work with Russia when we can, to stand up for our values when we must and to seek a partnership that extends across this whole continent.” That doesn’t mesh very well with the “reset button” policy toward Russia that looks past its attacks on Georgia and Ukraine and propitiates the Putin regime with unilateral withdrawal of missile-defense installations from Poland and the Czech Republic.

    In the Tiergarten, Obama said America must “stand with Europe in sending a direct message to Iran that it must abandon its nuclear ambitions.” But that message, if sent, has evidently not had the intended effect on the mullah regime, which is drawing out negotiations while presumably continuing its nuclear program apace.

    “Will we stand for the human rights of the dissident in Burma, the blogger in Iran or the voter in Zimbabwe?” Obama asked in the Tiergarten. “Will we give meaning to the words ‘never again’ in Darfur?”

    Well, the administration has toughened up a bit on its negotiator’s recommendation that we give “cookies and gold stars” to the Sudanese regime that has terrorized Darfur, and our diplomats have tried to help out in Zimbabwe. But we haven’t done much of anything for the dissident in Burma, and Obama, while truckling to the mullahs, showed stony indifference to the thousands protesting the stealing of the June 12 Iran elections.

    Last year, Obama told Berliners that we and they are “heirs to a struggle for freedom.” This year, his administration has been busy trying to appease dictatorial and authoritarian regimes. So maybe he was wise to skip a return appearance in Berlin. Let Clinton gloss over the embarrassing contrast between his rhetoric then and his policies now.


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    Old Trooper

    Dirty Sanchez, I’m afraid that kathie is correct and your criticism here is both off base and ridiculous. Mr. Obama appears to have a talent for self -promoting behavior and quite obviously cannot bring himself to an event that is not all about him. Not a bit of humility or recognition of Past Presidents achievements in him.

    I reserve the right to criticize any Elected Official that collects a dime of Tax Payer Funds. I reserve the right to call any Elected Official out on any action taken on behalf of the Nation or Him /Her Self as is the case.

    * The Afghan Election is Settled, No Decision on Reinforcements?
    * No Visit to the Berlin Wall because it is not His Media Event or His actions that caused it to fall
    * Obama is still in Campaign Mode and can’t Govern because He never has. Voting Present is not Governing
    * His Domestic and Foreign Policies will Fail because He has no understanding of Economics
    and has ZERO Foreign Policy Experience. Nor does his Sec. of State that is just a Former First Lady that does overseas speaking appearances
    * He appears to have low regard for Traditional American Values so he shares nothing in common with most Americans including Me.
    * He has surrounded himself with Radicals, Appointed Tax Cheats, Manipulators and Advisers who have a list of achievements on a par with His.
    * We are at War but his inability to be decisive rules out his role of a Wartime President.
    * He was schooled in Law but has no license to practice ANYWHERE and quite frankly has no working knowledge of the Constitution.
    * He claims no knowledge of SEIU / ACORN but was their Legal Counsel for years with No Law License
    * He sat in a Church for over 20 Years but does not remember the Racism and Hate that spewed forth from His Pastor

    Now DS, rebut those items. He does not Represent Me or My Values. Period. He Represents the Nation poorly. He will be a One Termer. Period. He is a Pretender. Period. That is being Very Real for a Moment.

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    No, I think Dirty Sanchez is right. Nice name by the way, typical of a liberal to spew haughty comments from their high horse, but carry a name that implies dirty meanings from the gutter. Anyway, by saying that we complain about everything, implicitly makes the counter point that liberals or D.S. does not. So I am looking forward to your positive stance once republicans take things back over.

    However, I can only guess that by then you will have plenty of “valid” reasons to not support our government (we’re just too stupid to draw the lines?) So in short, you should troll elsewhere because your comments are asinine and border on outrageous. No wait, they are outrageous.

    You would for one minute support Obama’s decision to /not/ attend the anniversary in Berlin? It was the U.S., under a president that knew how to lead, that pretty much ensured the destruction of that wall. To not attend its 20th anniversary is a slap in the face. But you don’t agree? Why? And don’t point to my political leanings to support YOUR faux outrage at us being upset about the fact our president is a self-serving panty-waste (modified quote of course). True or False: the president should attend the anniversary in Berlin. This isn’t a hard test like the ones at your community college.

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    Actually it is because they wouldn’t let him speak in Berlin last year when he was on the campaign trail. He is getting back at them for not recognizing that he was “The One”.

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    Obama the first and last Marxist president ever to be elected in this country, would not celebrate the fall of the East German communist regime for all the tea in China. If he did go, all he would do is apologize for the part the US played in this. It’s better he stays home and blames Bush for this problem too.

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    Let’s take Obama at his word that he has something more pressing to do…

    Dirtbag Sanchez wants to accuse us of criticizing him ONLY because he’s a Demo, so here’s what I am going to do…

    I consider the Berlin anniversary one that represents all that is good about America and the West. President’s from JFK through Reagan fought to have it removed, (notice the inclusion of both Parties) and obviously all those presidents had the support from all Americans (other than the commie pukes at Columbia/Berkeley).

    So I am going to objectively seek out what is so freaking important to Obama and his staff, that he would ignore what was so VERY important to 6 previous Administrations, and recognized as very important to remember by the 3 that came after it fell. (Clinton was there for the 10th, and I gave him kudo’s.)

    It must very important, indeed. Maybe he knows that aliens from another planet are due to make their appearance or something, but I’ll keep an open mind.

    Help me out Sanchez, what do YOU think is so freaking important, that he has decided it’s not worth his time?

    Of course this a rhetorical question, because as your comment shows, you are only angry that your abusive boyfriend is being dissed. Thus, you will supply NOTHING to defend his actions, because you can’t.

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    Gayle Miller

    President Obama has proudly declared that since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany has enjoyed the fruits of freedom. Yet another ignorant statement based on complete lack of knowledge. WEST Germany was enjoying the fruit of freedom from 1945 right up until the fall of the Berlin Wall. EAST Germany on the other hand, not so much!

    This juvenile tool in the hands of others (George Soros, Warren Buffet – to name but a few) is completely without the ability to form coherent thought without his teleprompter.

    He embarrasses America every time he opens his mouth extemporaneously!

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    There is no way to celebrate the fall of the Berlin wall without paying due respect to Ronald Reagan and our armed forces that stood toe to toe with our enemies at the IGB for decades. Obama cannot bring himself to do that under any circumstances. He must find something else that is more important for him to be doing, like pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey.

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    Hussein will not attend because:

    1. The ceremony in NOT about HIM.
    2. The nation HE was rooting for got beat! The USSR!
    3. Communism was overthrown throughout Europe.
    4. Enemies of the left will be properly praised and celebrated–Reagan and Thatcher.

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    Considering his woeful lack of support for the Democracy Movement in Iran maybe he realized that to go to this ceremony would set a new standard for hypocrisy. Actually, now that I think about it further, the less this President shows up at International events the better. All he seems to do is denigrate our nation and seek to appease Dictatorships and radicals.

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    Before the election, the Germans wouldn’t let him speak at the Brandenburg Gate Because He Hadn’t Accomplished Enough for the honor of speaking there, so he had to speak where they told him to.

    Our inept, naive, lying, pathologically narcissistic, socialist doesn’t handle rejection or criticism well.

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    Just as well ObiWon (PBOH) is not blathering in Berlin. The fall of the Wall is a day of mourning for him and his Weathermen bros, and he would only have apologised to the his fellow Stalinist Cits O Da Wold for our badnesses on them.

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