52 Responses to “Liz Cheney Criticizes Obama for using Fallen Troops as a Photo Op”

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    It’s like I said on an earlier post. He is a “media whore” and will do ANYTHING to get his picture taken. Our fallen soldiers are no problem for him. Give him an opportunity, and he will be there as long as the cameras are rolling. God, how I miss GW Bush. At this point, I think impeachment is too good for this POS.

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    Good for the 17 who said NO.

    What a special president we have! ” look at me ! ” Shameful and inauthentic antics by a pretender and sadly, that’s how it comes across to me despite his intentions… no benefit of the doubt, no chance of honoring the fallen sincerely…

    no, this looks like a stunt and it probably was.

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    How many times did Bush and/or Cheney go to Dover to honor the soldiers they condemned to death? ZERO. Never. Nada. Bush did it without cameras because he NEVER did it at all you stupid morons. Liz Cheney is nothing but a republican noisebox who won’t let Obama wipe his rear without criticizing him. She is a total putz like her draft dodging daddy.

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    Old Trooper

    A Low Class shamelessly disingenuous act and a cheap photo op. Period.
    Staged from the git go and not to honor anyone but the “One”. These Troopers were lost on His Watch. It is His War. Has He sent 18 more to replace them? Nope, not from my sources at DOD.

    Will He lose one minute of sleep? Not Bloody Likely. The First Wookie was at the World Series and did not attend.

    How many visits to Walter Reed or Bethesda has this chump pretender made?
    Bush did it often and unannounced so the press would not be there to cheapen
    the moment.

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    TSgt Ciz

    Brooke, you ignorant slut (to quote Chevy Chase). You clearly don’t know anything at all that you dribble on about.
    the point is that Bush would not go to Dover, because the only reason to go would be for a photo Op. Families rarely go there, and the dead don’t much care if you go there. What Bush did do was he met with the family members, in person and in private. He met the family members in a way that was respectful of their needs, not his own.
    The exact opposite of what Obummble puss has done.

    Bush never condemned any soldier to death. That would be what the enemies of America have done. But if we allowed you treacherously hideous argument it’s logical conclusion, then it would be an equal indictment of your Obamassia as well.

    which would mean that not only did you miss the point in the first place, you also have no point at all in your own twisted reality in the second place.

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    Old Trooper

    Pedro, You are wrong. Period. You need to do something about Your Caps Lock key.

    It was very obviously staged and your facts are flawed. Now do some homework. Come back under Your Real Name when You know what You are talking about.

    FA seems to have been taking troll hits lately. Hmmm.

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    I am not Pedro you nimble minded moron although I do agree with him. I don’t hide behind multiple names. I’ve no reason to hide. Bush and Cheney are pussies of the highest magnitude as are all of you brain-dead morons that still lick the former president’s hindquarters. Thank God we now have a President of the United States that actually has a pair. Lil Georgie was cute but he was a worthless pussy. Thanks for all the nice comments guys. I love to read them. Y’all crack me up. By the way Tsgt Jiz I’m not a slut, I’m a grandfather of three United States Marines. Later…

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    Thank God we now have a President of the United States that actually has a pair.

    Pray tell….where has he ever shown courage or actually “having a pair?”

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    A nurse (no political interest) state she forgot (it was so many) how many times GWB showed up at WR hospital unannounced to chat with the wounded, no press desired or allowed. President O’Dumbo may as well have shot these 18 soldiers himself. His delays have only gave the terrorists hope. I still think he’s working for/with the Islamic terrorists. As he said in his own book. ‘if the political winds change I will stand with the Islamist’. He does because he is one. No other reason for the constant drive to destroy America. My concern is why do people like Peeloshi/Reid follow in line and bow to their king. They are sentencing their own offspring to live under Islamic law. The mentally ill like a couple of posters on here I can understand, but Peeloshi/Reid and other democrats in congress still have the mental facilities to function on their own, I think, but could be wrong on that also.
    Let me (fire rescue member) find President O’Dumbo and a stray dog laying in the middle of a busy freeway and I’ll try to rescue the dog.

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    Mike's America

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    @Brooke: Isn’t it really Michelle who has “the pair?”

    Did you somehow MISS the FACT that Bush met privately with hundreds of families????

    And you’re trying to suggest that Obama’s photo op somehow makes his action superior to that quiet, personal work done by Bush?

    Good grief! Something tells me you won’t need a costume for Halloween. I bet you’re scary enough already!

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    From one of the articles I read yesterday, we were informed that he took members of the press corp with him to Dover. Here we have the AP trying to make a silk purse out of this one, but, a few sentences lept out:

    It was not quite 4 a.m. The sky was black and a yellowish light came from poles flanking the flight. The only sounds were a whirring power unit on the plane and the clicking of cameras. A blue vehicle carrying members of Griffin’s family pulled up.

    By 4:45 a.m., the president had touched back down on the South Lawn, where a usually active White House was sleepy. He walked inside, alone.

    The ban on media coverage of bodies returning to Dover was criticized for shielding the public from the human cost of war.

    Now it is no more. Obama saw it directly, and the press bore witness.


    Man, I miss President Bush:


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    Cannot imagine how I felt when I saw mullah Obama standing there..I wanted to vomit..the liberal media wanted to get access to the coffins of these brave American heroes to put Obama there for a photo opportunity so he could get some votes by some lame morons!

    God Bless our men and women in the military, we salute you for your service and your heroism.

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    Neither GWB or Dick Cheney ever pay that kind of respect to the fallen at Dover. Plus Cheney was a 5 time draft dodger during Vietnam. During his time as VP he had the nerve to tell the American people that we needed to sacrifice our sons and daughters in this ongoing GWOT.

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    TSgt ciz

    Thanks Missy,

    Boy what a contrast.

    Also remember that Oblubber canceled his visit to wounded troops in Germany when he was told that the cameras would not be allowed. So he went to play basketball instead.

  16. 69

    TSgt ciz

    Aw geeze.

    Hey R2/Brooke/Pedro,, your mom is calling for you too go clean you room or else she is going to throw your lazy azz out of the basement.

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    @TSgt ciz:

    I remember, just think of him as a no nonsense kind of guy, sees what he’s after and go gets it. Now he’s got Robert Gibbs talking about the “anguish” on the faces of the family and how this will weigh heavily on his decision to send troops to Afghanistan.

    Notice, it took him less than an hour to stage his photo op and be back on the WH lawn, touching.

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    Hey Moderator, if you want a “kool aid” recycling forum come out and say so. Someone can call people here a “lazy azz” and then you practice selective deletion. Very un American if you ask me.

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    Mike's America

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    @R2: Seems to me you people fling that “un American” attack line around a good deal too freely. One could argue it describes you better.

    Behave or be gone!

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    Mike’s America, it seems like “American” to you is a forum or blog were one-sided “kool aid” is recycled and opposing views are deleted. I am impressed, NOT!

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    As an old Marine I can tell you that being at the aircraft while it was being unloaded of it’s precious cargo is no place for photos. Think about the last time you were in a church for a funeral and how many flashes were going off. This was a photo op and nothing else. Remember his non-visit in Germany to the hospital and the wounded soldiers? Once he found out he couldn’t take the photogs with him he went to his hotel and worked out. And one of the troll above is right, Bush never went to the airfield but he did meet with all of the families that wanted to see him. And guess what? No cameras!

  22. 77


    There were occasions where GWB was seen with WIA servicemen and KIA families, were those “photo ops” too? You may be an old Marine but your service is no more honorable than mine. I am a GWOT vet and I am still serving my country. When GWB met with families the right wing media made sure it was all over the news too [cameras or not]. Don’t throw stones when you have a glass ceiling. BHO is the elected President of the USA [and CinC] until at least 2012 like it or not. Give me a break!

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    Dear, dear FA fellows,

    I think you are being entirely too hard on our dear President. He is obviously working very hard on one of his flaws and we should give him credit for that. I think it is clear that O is making every effort to improve his respectfulness. I mean, didn’t you notice that this time Michelle didn’t show up in a blood red camouflage cocktail dress? There. See? Improvements all around.

    No, no. You shouldn’t mock him for this. Rather, I think he deserves a medal for intent. Why, that might even encourage him to actually earn it. Don’t you agree?

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    I think what little miss Cheney should really be looking at is the response her daddy gave in a late 2007 or early 2008 interview when he was asked about the number of American joes and janes we were still losing in Iraq years after GWB declared victory for OIF on top an aircraft carrier. What was Cheney’s response or comment? “SO?” His true self came out regarding our men and women dying in Iraq during that infamous interview that showed America who he really was/is. All that from a 5-time draft dodger. LOL

  25. 80


    This was strictly a photo op for obama. he doesn’t give a rats bu$$ about the soldiers or the people of the United States. Remember his comment if the ill winds blow, he will have to side with the muslims – and that is exactly what he is doing.

    It made my stomach ill to see him salute – a man who wouldn’t put his hand on his heart during the National Anthem, who celebrates ramadan in the White House, bows to a saudi king – disgusting. obama dishonored this dead soldier. This man is the enemy of the United States and should be investigated.

    I am so afraid our country will not make it until 2012. However we have 2010 to kick the bums out – and I believe the people of the United States are finally waking up to the fact that obama only wants us under his rule, a communistic rule as dictated by his buddy bill ayers and his pastor wright.

    God help us.

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    Mike's America

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    @Inspectorudy: your point above is worth repeating:

    “Remember his non-visit in Germany to the hospital and the wounded soldiers? Once he found out he couldn’t take the photogs with him he went to his hotel and worked out. “

    @JanH: Yes we can be glad Michelle didn’t show up in her usual sombre attire:


    Michelle Obama at the Medal of Honor Ceremony.

  27. 83


    R2, Brooke, Pedro – You cannot possibly believe that Obama is good for our country. As far has having “a pair” I don’t know what you are referring to. Cajones are not part of his anatomy. He has proven that. He says he wants to think about what to do in Afghanastan (sp). The war did not start last week. He has had 10 months to decide what to do. He needs to quit waffling and buckle down and do what ACORN bought for him (the presidency in case you don’t remember). Last point I will make in this comment: wake up and face facts. He is running the biggest scam ever on my country, and I am mad as the devil.
    BTW – profanity is really uncalled for. Most adults manage to get their point across without potty mouth tactics.
    Clean up your act and start acting like an adult. Comments like the ones you make only verify what most of us believe – the left dosen’t have a clue.

  28. 84



    @R2 comment #29:

    he was asked about the number of American joes and janes we were still losing in Iraq years after GWB declared victory for OIF on top an aircraft carrier. What was Cheney’s response or comment? “SO?”

    Nice how your partisan hatred misremembers and spins the actual exchange:

    Leaders lead. They don’t wet their finger and hold it up to go with whichever way the wind of popularity is blowing. Opinion polls are fickle things and they go up and they go down. Leadership is doing the right thing, even when it might not be the popular thing.

  29. 85


    It is incredible that anyone can say that GWB did not hold the loss of any American lives close to his heart. If you remember he QUIT playing golf when the Iraq war started and never played again while in the WH. And no r2 I did not see any photos of him meeting with family survivors printed by the right wing press whomever that might be. I saw some medal presentations to family members but no fake salutes. Also, only one of the 14 families allowed the ghoul to be photographed with their loved one. The other thing rs2 brings up is the landing on the carrier by GWB. He did not put up the sign, the carrier did, because the carrier’s mission was complete. They were returning home after there tour in the gulf. Other libs have commented on GWB wearing a flight suit. Most of the non military libs don’t understand that if you fly in that particular airplane one has to wear that suit because it uses ejection seats. The suit and harness are required and no one would be allowed to fly in it without wearing one. Why do people like you have to distort everything to make this man/boy look good? Even the discredited NYT got it right in their blog that it was a photo op before the WH chewed them out and they erased their honest comment. Why can’t you say positive things about BHO and leave GWB out of everything? Can’t this guy be judged on his merits or does he have any?

  30. 89


    R2, the “mission accomplished” banner on the aircraft carrier was not to declare the war in Iraq over. The purpose of the banner was to congratulate the crew of that aircraft carrier because they had been out at sea for more than a year, and had played a central role in helping our ground forces, as well as that of our allies, on their operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and North Africa. They had helped ground forces in multiple regions and they had accomplished their missions well, they deserved the “mission accomplished” banner and praise from the president.

  31. 90

    SoCal Chris

    @Ryan: @Inspectorudy:

    I just wanted to thank both of you for the explanations regarding Pres. Bush’s landing on the air carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln back in May 2003. Regarding the banner and his flight suit, I’d not heard those explanations yet. Probably because back then I wasn’t on the internet! Also, I never had any questions about it, and basically was just pretty darned stoked to see him landing there:


    And, a pretty good article, by CNN no less: http://www.cnn.com/2003/ALLPOLITICS/05/01/bush.carrier.landing/

    Sorry for my slight diversion from this thread. Now, back to your regular programming…

  32. 91


    “Why yes Brooke, I am nimble minded, and you certainly are not. But you are an ignorant liar, so you do have that going for you.”

    @TSgt Ciz

    You really come off like an arrogant ass, KKK member you know that?

  33. 92

    Hard Right

    You really come off like an arrogant ass, KKK member you know that?

    Hey idiot RTLW, where did the TSgt say ANYTHING racist? Nowhere. I guess in the left’s mentally ill way of “thinking”, criticizing a a person of color is raaaacist. Criticizing a white person is not. Ummmm, who is the racist? Look in the mirror you nutjob and you’ll see the answer.

    R2 and brooke, the TSgt has your number and it clearly hurts.
    Way to go TSgt Ciz.

  34. 93

    Hard Right

    Pray tell….where has he ever shown courage or actually “having a pair?”

    Curt, I think she means the the “courage” to destroy this country and ram socialism down it’s throat while spitting on our allies and surrendering our sovereignty and safety.

  35. 95

    Hard Right

    It’s our military you inbred.
    Unlike vermin like you, even when a dem is president we still call it our military.
    Oh, and feel free to move to cuba.

  36. 96


    No thanks asshole. I serve my country just like any other military member and I have the right to not share the same uniform and traditions with ignorant, self righteous scum and borderline racists.

  37. 97



    You are the only one injecting race into this conversation.

    BTW, if you are a military member, you don’t have a choice as to who you share that uniform with, your talk is all senseless bluster.

  38. 98

    Mike's America

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    @Missy: Have you noticed that the only person who brings out more vitriol from these hate filled goons than a member of the Cheney family is Sarah Palin?

    How about this for 2012:

    Palin/Cheney (Liz)!

  39. 99

    harry flashman

    C’mon folks, give poor little RLTW a break as he doesn’t know the definition of the word “racist.”

    Here you go, RLTW –

    rac’ist, adj. & n.

    1. A racist is anyone winning an argument with a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Communist or Acornist.

    Live long enough kid and ya’ might learn sumpin.

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