6 Responses to “Chief WH Economic Advisor Admits $Trillion Stimulus Job Creation Plan is a Bust!”

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    When this stimulus package was being built, I remember that we said the greatest amount of the money was being saved until 2010-2011, to be used for BO’s re-election fund. Where is the money that is being held back and could be used to build jobs instead of buyouts of banks, car companies, etc.?
    I fear that he’s going to let us wallow in this economic crisis until 2011, and then a miracle will happen.

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    There is not a stimulus. What has been called the stimulus is actually a payoff to other elected officials for their support of Obama’s plans for change. Everyone in this country has their hands out and can be bought. Obama has figured this out and used it to his advantage. Obama is the most dangerous person to ever be elected president, and he was elected at a time when we already had a bunch of idiots running the legislative branch.

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