School Kids Sing About The Greatness Of Obama….No Indoctrination There

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That video and material that was shown to schoolkids throughout the nation was just an innocent attempt to get the kids motivated right? Nevermind the fact that the first instructions sent out had the kids write out what they could do to help Obama out….

That was changed and everything was hunky-dory again. But the worries that the cult of personality would seep into the kids mind have proven well founded:

From Hot Air:

…one of the lines about The One here, heard near the beginning from the kid who’s singing solo, is an adaptation from a hymn about how much Jesus loves the little children.

Kinda reminds ya of this kind of thing eh?

Nothing creepy there…..nothing at all.

Or how about this from Smart Girl Politics in which the author writes about a test given to a child from the site: (h/t Michelle Malkin)

Her daughter, a senior in high school, had come home upset because, although the speech was not shown in her school, her anatomy teacher had made the class watch the President’s health care speech. After the video was shown, the students were given a short quiz about the speech. The questions asked gave the assumption that the answers provided in the President’s speech were fact and not opinion. The students were given no opportunity to discuss opposing views or have a debate on the topic. In fact, when one student stated that the President had lied, the student was told that kind of talk was unnecessary. Students in the class with opposing views were forced to remain silent or whisper amongst themselves.

The daughter of our member was so upset about what had occured that she refused to finish the quiz and brought it home to her mother for review. A copy of the quiz is provided below.

Some of these students were educated on the health care debate going on in the country, while others simply took the information as fact and filled out their quiz. For those students, President Obama’s speech was their education. Is that not considered indoctrination?


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    Moose, pull your antler from your posterior, guy. The lyrics belie your “Bush did it first” claim:

    Our country’s stood beside us
    People have sent us aid.
    Katrina could not stop us, our hopes will never fade.
    Congress, Bush and FEMA
    People across our land
    Together have come to rebuild us and we join them hand-in-hand!

    Looks to me like they sang praises to the entire nation, Congress, the FEMA officials and Bush…. not to the singular chosen one.

    As far as emergency response to disasters and attacks, the locals always are on the first line of defense. You might want to address the idiots who were the Governor and the Mayor (still is) who didn’t bother to evacuate the public either on time, nor using available vehicles at their disposal. Arrogance and denial at the local level is the most responsible for Katrina.

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    Mooseburger, you’ve been drinking too much Libbie Bong-Water. The people here are well informed, not ill-informed like you and your lefty wing-nut friends from another planet.

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    Hang, Word da man… I’m still waiting for Bullwinkle to note the difference between a teacher propagating propaganda in a public school with a curriculum consisting of musical odes to “da won”, and kids singing praise to the entire nation while guests of the White House at the annual rite of spring, the Easter Egg Roll.

    But… don’t want to load Bullwinkle down with too much at one time, ya know. LOL

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