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    In NYS, children usually go back to school on Wed. after Labor Day. However, my grandchild says she is going back on Tuesday this year, the day usually reserved for teachers to return. I’m wondering if some schools moved up the day to make sure the children hear the Omnipotent One so they can do the assignments associated with the speech.

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    I wonder if every thing was spelled right on the memos to the British about releasing the terrorist Lockerbie bomber. this guy has got to go, impeachment is in order here.

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    Anna Puma

    Oh my gosh, a concept has been rattling around ye olde braincase that I thought was too far fetched to describe this bunch of amatuers. I was wrong. We do have Keystone Commies in charge. Alas, there is no laugh track.

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    Good Lord! It was “factually” obvious from the start that Obama had no experience. We are only seeing the fruits of “reality” vs “hope you change”.

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    They can’t spell, get their history wrong, seem to know little or nothing about protocol, attack our closest allies while coddling our worst enemies, and the list goes on. No wonder they’re such a joke. And these are the people who called Bush unintelligent?

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    That is because they have the best education that Chicago can offer….
    Hate takes over intelligence and that is what we are seeing with Obama and his Chicago boys and girls!

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    The sarcasm of massive czarism is due “souly” to the gross lack of experience on the part of Barrack Hussein Obama and his ilk. Obama’s repugnant “experience” lies mostly in communist socialism. Obama has spent a lifetime surrounded by shady socialists and grotesque figures — it’s no wonder American voters are resoundingly rejecting Obama altogether.

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    Misspelling is the least of our problems. This has nothing to do with incompetence.

    The Obama administration knows exactly what they are doing, and we are nit-picking around the edges. Obama is using, the stimulus bill, cap and trade, the health care bill and the education bill to give buckets full of dollars to those organizations (ACORN, the unions) and the people they represent as a pay back for the years that they have been disenfranchised by mainstream America. Follow the money and you will see the intension, it is as clear as day. Van Jones simply said out-loud what this administration believes, and where it is going, and WHY.

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    kathie is right on!! What is being overlooked is that there is a very orchestrated agenda that obama and his adminsitration has. What amazes me is why the MSM is not being held more responsble for NOT doing their job and informing the American people just how poor a choice this guy was. If it was not for Glenn Beck et. al, our kids would be taking a pledge to serve obama tomorroe. It’s time for America to wake up, accept the fact that they where uninformed by the media, and stand up for freedom in our country!! If not, kiss it good bye.

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    @Kathie: Many people are heartsick over what is happening to our country, but they are afraid to put into words their worst fears about where this is all leading. The anger and frustration are sometimes expressed as nitpicking. This doesn’t mean they are not aware of what is going on. The town halls were a wake-up call to Congress and the unions that people do know what’s going on and they want it to stop.

  11. @kathie:

    I covered the massive corruption in the stimulus and carbon scam bills as well as all the other favors Obama is doing for his union/ACORN/commie buddies. I certainly am not trying to minimize those egregious assaults on democracy and fair play by reporting that these Obama loons are also IDIOTS!

    I remember years ago when I was living in Washington, D.C. and the cocaine scandal broke out with then mayor Marion Barry. The D.C. government was, and still is, one of the least effective, most incompetent and corrupt in the country (followed closely by every other big city government run by Democrats for decades). One newspaper editorialized that it was bad enough for a government to be corrupt, but to also be incompetent was unforgiveable.

    Obama is both corrupt and incompetent!

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    Toothfairy and Mike A…..I agree. I just need to say the obvious, Van Jones IS the alter-ego of this whole administration, and it’s going to be a big fight and we KNOW, we know where this administration is going, and we the people are up to the fight.

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    Since President Obama’s speech will occur the first day of school for many school systems, the speech will be another disruption in an already chaotic day.

    Students will be in the wrong classes, some rooms will be double assigned, course materials will not have arrived, last minute transfers, computers will not be working, netwoks will be down, the kids will be getting acquainted with their old friends, teachers will be learning the names and faces of their new students, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

    The first day rarely goes as planned.

    And the President wants to insert himself into that mess and expect to have some effect on the lives of the children?

    It would have been better to wait until schools had been in session for a couple of weeks to allow time for things to settle and get rolling before making his speech.

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    Gee, and I counted the word “I” 48 times…The kids will be half sleep by his second parragraph. But the point is that he is on TV and the little ones are watching him…what a shame that we have to live in a time like this and to raise children under these marxists lunatics.

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    Here is an interesting little note about the spelling of his name on the Russian document. On the infamous COLB posted during the election his name is listed as Barack Hussein Obama II and his father is listed as Barack Hussein Obama. However when you look at Sr.’s article “The State of Our Socialism” which he wrote himself, his name is BARAK Obama. In articles that have been found written by people who knew him (Sr.) as a student and news articles and photo captions, the Barak spelling is used. There is no BaraCK Hussein Obama II because there is no BaraCK Hussein I. Research done on this pulled up some articles from 0’s earlier political campaigns where the simple “K” spelling was used but that may have been the reporters’ fault because the “CK” is quite unique. Why would whoever filled out the birth registration forms spell the father’s name wrong? Surely if his mother filled out the birth registration she would have known how to spell her husband’s name correctly. To me this speaks of either the posted docuiment being a forgery or it was filled out by someone other than his mother. Perhaps someone should make a request from U of H and Harvard for Sr.’s records to see how they are registered. Technically he isn’t even a ‘Senior” if the names are not identical.

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    @Kathie: I understand — especially since too many ignored the obvious last November and (with a hefty assist from ACORN) handed over the keys and let the looting begin. They believed this bunch would “heal the nation.” The truth is they just want to steal it and watch it burn.

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    American Voter

    I seem to remember the liberal press hounding a VP for months/years about the spelling of potato (mis-spelled potatoe.) Came up again last week on network tv…Do you really want to trade shots about all the nitpicking the MSM, Alternate Leftist Media, Dims, and Dim politicians, have done to ALL Republican/Conservative candidates and office holders over the past several decades? Don’t think you would win….And I lived in downtown Chicago for too many years, with a front seat to the Annointed One’s rise.

    So Larry…now we have been sold a President that:
    –Has an remarkable personal story?
    But too many of the personal details of his life don’t add up to create a credible story.
    Even mis-spoke about his father and mother on the campaign trail.
    –Is a genius — Smartest President ever?
    Would love to see his IQ scores…the real ones — not contrived ones
    –Has remarkable education, scholastic achievements, accomplishments–
    But can’t see school records, writings, thesis, etc,
    –Is the greatest Orator in the history of Mankind
    Why does Nobama make so many verbal mistakes off the teleprompter? facts, figures,
    verb conjugation, syntax? (yes, these are all recorded)
    –Is an experienced, traveled man of the world he is…
    We can’t even know details about his travels outside of the country?
    His passport is locked away
    –Made lofty campaign promises — with no way to keep them?
    Taxes, Spending come to mind?
    –Contradicted himself (on tape) in so many ways including views on Health Care?
    –Promised the most transparent administration ever?
    –The list could go on and on…the devil is in the details….And you can only bash Bush???

    This President is losing credibility by the day but not from nitpicking. from his own recorded words and actions.

    When we see so many contradictions to information we can source …how then does our faith hold up when we have to trust him/take his word on issues we cannot verify?

    Unfortunately for you, This President, his minions — Sal Alinsky did not foresee or prepare his followers for fooling American Citizens with an internet at their disposal? …Although the internet may be taken away from us/censored and monitored as in China….Wikipedia could become our only information look-up source.

    Then unfortunately, we would not see your soaring prose and feeble attempts to get someone to point out your misspelling — how lame can you get???

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    American Voter

    @Aye Chihauhua…
    Thanks – I should have caught the sarcasm…just so disgusted with the hypocrisy of Dear Leader, his minions and supporters…

    Sorry Sheldon.

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    Larry Sheldon

    “–The list could go on and on…the devil is in the details….And you can only bash Bush???”

    You misunderstand.

    I said the same think you did, only I didn’t spend so many words doing it.

    And in going back to find my thing again, I see that Aye Chihuahua has correctly identified the problem.

    Please have another look at:

    The spelling and all is totally irrelevant-–the President’s name is not “Bush”.

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    Larry Sheldon

    American voter–if your answer was up when I was writing I missed it.

    We are on the same side — “in violent agreement” an old boss used to say.

    We have better prey than each other.

    All required apologies offered and accepted.

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    Larry Sheldon

    Troofers every where.

    Anybody looked into the methods by which a sitting US President can be removed?

    (Hint: one way involves impeachment and conviction. How likely is that to happen? (Either one, or both? Another way involves resignation. More likely, but not anywhere near certain. The third and last way involves felonies that carry the death penalty. I certainly and seriously hope we don’t see that again.)

    No. For the big question: Suppose he is removed.

    Now what?

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    Larry Sheldon

    You ask an interesting question about removal of POTUS. None of the things you mentioned will ever happen. The birth certificate issue is the only thing that would remove him before January 2013. The Republicans are scared to death of this coming to pass, partially because it would create civil war in this Country. If Obama was taken away by US Marshals and removed because of his ineligibility. Nancy Pelosi would also be arrested for signing the paper declaring Obama to be Constitutional eligible to be POTUS. There would be a lot of blood shed, both Marxist and innocent citizens. Me I personally think this is inevitable. If the Constitutional Conservatives took back Congress in 2010 and took POTUS in 2012, that this would be the cure all. I don’t think so, all the Marxists and Useful Idiots will remain. State Run Media would not change. I have faced the inevitable and have accepted the fact it will happen or the United States will become a South American style Marxist State under the guise of Democracy. The word has been bastardized by Marxist, just remember we are a Representative Republic.

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    Larry Sheldon


    My point was and is, there is nothing anywhere in any law I know of (I am not lawyer, by the way) that would remove him except the tings I mentioned.


    Not the birth certificate issue. Not by U. S. Marshalls. and not because of his ineligibility.

    Under what law would Pelosi be arrested? What law has she violated? (The answer is probably “A bunch.” but nothing relevant here.)

    The Constitution specifies who may serve, but it provides no enforcement mechanism (Didn’t used to need one–men had honorin those days).

    And I still ask the question: Supposing he _is_ removed. Now what?

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    American Voter

    The mood of American citizens is changing…could you have immagined Barry’s numbers would be at a 42% approval 8 months after his inauguration — and a -11 passion index? This change of American sentiment has come from presentation of facts, non-facts — people have decided for themselves.

    I think if substantial evidence of any “high crimes” or “proven-beyond-doubt” unconstitutional qualifications were presented, an over-whelming majority of citizens would support the necessary steps to correct the wrong-doings.

    I agree with sentiments that the curtain is just starting to rise on the situation…and we must continue to support the voices making this happen.

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    American Voter has a resonable expectations.
    The removal question no matter how you would remove Barrack Obama outside of losing an election you would have a race war or civil war if you wil in this country. So if you don’t have a gun than it’s tough to be you.

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