It’s time to give up on Iran and North Korea

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President Obama is worthy of admiration for his efforts to improve relations with America’s adversaries Iran, North Korea and a few others. But for most of those states, it’s time to give it up, and the Obama administration appears to realize that.

I agree. There’s no point in trying carrots or stick diplomacy with Iran or North Korea. Diplomacy has failed. I do wonder, however, how the writer plans to deal w NKorea’s nukes and Iran’s nukes+terrorist ties? Just live with it, and wait for something to go wrong/hope that “sane” people like Kim and Ahmadinejad can be trusted w nuclear weapons? Or is the writer advocating support for military action since it’s obvious that Iran and NKorea cannot be trusted w nuclear weapons, and obvious that diplomacy has failed.

So what is it? Now that we’ve established the long-held “neocon” claim that diplomacy w NKorea and Iran isn’t possible-what is it?

trust the insane dictators who routinely sell/give weapons to proxy terrorists and rogue regimes
bomb em?

I suspect the leftnut writer from San Fran didn’t think as far ahead as a 2-move chess player in this matter.

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    In Asia last week, Clinton said the United States would extend a “defensive shield” over the Middle East if Iran continued to develop nuclear weapons.

    It’s glad to see that somebody reads the foreign press because this comment was not given any press in the US.

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    Scott Malensek

    Neo. Bush did the same thing several times & got flamed for it by the left. I believe he did it in 2002, 2004, and 2006, but I don’t have time to look up the exact quotes right now. Wish I did

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    Old Trooper

    Let Israel deal with Iran. North Korea needs special attention from South Korea, Japan and China.

    The Obama Dept. of State is totally worthless on All Foreign Policy measures as is the UN. Clinton as SEC State is a joke.

    Israel will deal with Iran without a doubt. The Norks just need a total embargo on food, fuel and medical aid.

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