7 Responses to “Sen. DeMint (R-SC) Has Questions for Obama’s Press Conference”

  1. And just to let you folks know: I have written to Senator DeMint thanking him for his excellent work on our behalf. These guys do listen and they need to hear from us when they do something right as well as when they do something wrong.

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    Iben Hakenluggis

    I fax question similar to this nightly to 60 dims and the pubs around the country. Eventually they will listen to the voters … one way or the other!

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    Matt Laure is such a tool. He agrees with everything DeMint has to say about the bills, their time tables and the need for more openess from the government, then he has to chide the Senator to not be mean to Obama. How dense can you be to see that the MSM is more concerned with not saying anything bad about the President than they are about our elected official standing up for their constituants.

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    “Specter and Casey (useless idiots)”

    Please, let’s not get into a pissing contest over who has the worse Congresscritters. I have (Bride of) Chucky Schumer as my aristocrat faking it as a senator. CA has Box of Rocks Boxer and Feinstein, and let’s not forget Speaker Pelousy. There are more than enough useful idiots in the halls of Congress. Their overwhelming sense of entitlement over us peasants tells me that 95-98% of these Congressbastards need to go. They need a civics lesson in just who they work for. Helptful hint for these idiots: It is not yourselves.

    I know politicians are lying to me when they exempt themselves from rules they command others to obey.

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    re press conference questions …

    http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/ reports that

    “Late into his prime time press conference, Obama called on the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s Steve Koff to ask a question, but Thomma instead rose to the microphone.

    Seemingly unaware of the mix up, Obama answered Thomma’s question on health care reform, and dropped references to his impending trip to Cleveland Thursday.”

    The video does not show Thomma’s question or the answer or whether references to a trip to Cleveland were at all relevant to the question. I am curious as to whether Obama had already seen Koff’s question (that was how the references to the Cleveland trip were prepared).

    Of course CNN reported it as just a cute moment.

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