Democrats Now Own It All Now That Franken Has Stolen The Election

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The WSJ describes the Franken win perfectly. No need to actually win an election, just find all the fraudulent voters you can::

The unfortunate lesson is that you don’t need to win the vote on Election Day as long as your lawyers are creative enough to have enough new or disqualified ballots counted after the fact.

Mr. Franken trailed Mr. Coleman by 725 votes after the initial count on election night, and 215 after the first canvass. The Democrat’s strategy from the start was to manipulate the recount in a way that would discover votes that could add to his total.

Not a whole lot to be happy about with this win by Franken but at least now they own everything. They have a filibuster proof Senate. Either everything they have whined about for the last eight years gets fixed or they are outright liars. Scott said it best in the comments:


What’s it?


2010 midterms:

  • if unemployment is still worse than when Obama took office, it’s their fault
  • if GDP is still falling it’s Democrats’ fault
  • if every American-EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN and most illegal aliens-don’t have the same high-quality/free medical coverage as Barack Obama…it’s their fault
  • if Iran has nukes or is still pursuing them…it’s the Democrats’ fault
  • if Pakistan is still on the brink…it’s the Democrats’ fault
  • if Mexico is still on the brink…it’s the Democrat’s fault
  • if there is still war in Afghanistan…it’s the Democrats’ fault
  • if American troops are still in Iraq FOUR YEARS after promising to end the war…it’s the Democrats’ fault
  • if there is a budget deficit…it’s the Democrats’ fault
  • if there is a single pork spending program in ANY bill…it’s the Democrats’ fault
  • if America is still dependent on foreign oil…it’s the Democrat’s fault

the list goes on. We can debate who caused what and how (and it’s ALWAYS a bi-partisan source), but the fact is that Democrats have unchecked power now, and should be able to do everything they’ve promised. If not, it’s their fault for misleading, and their supporters’ fault for believing the people who have lied and misled this nation and the world so grossly since 2002.

Call me crazy but me thinks once they fail at all of the above their fellow Democrats will make excuses for it all as Obama has done everyday since he has been in office.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

39 Responses to “Democrats Now Own It All Now That Franken Has Stolen The Election”

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    Agreed. And I also think they will do a great deal of damage to America between now and 2010 elections – just look at the damage WITH the aid of the current crop of RINOs. I just hope we can get them out and undo most, if not all, of the damage. If America winds up like New Jersey, where we have such a large percentage of people who get a check in some way, shape or form from the State, then their votes will be tough to counter – simply because we will be outnumbered.

  2. 2


    I just pray that America wakes up in time for the 2010 elections. What scares me even more is that the same morons that put Sissy-Pants in office will put him again. Where is my sword!

  3. 5

    luva the scissors

    @Real American Patriot: why do you come here? it isn’t for a dialogue that is sure. i think it is to spew your won very special brand hate and discontent. i have never heard anyone more hatefilled than very liberal democrats. and you defend until the end every thing obama is doing. at least these conservatives at this site are able to say when bush made a poor choice in their opinion and when other repubs have also. you really need to either grow up and stop being a confrontational jack ass and behave like an adult.

  4. “Call me crazy but me thinks once they fail at all of the above their fellow Democrats will make excuses”


    I’ve said before how I admire Scott’s enthusiasm. But when have Democrats EVER been held to the same standard of accountability as Republicans?

    Comparisons were made this week between the first President Bush breaking his no new taxes pledge and Obama raising taxes on those making less than $250,000. The dirty little secret is that his supporters don’t care if he breaks his promises and has no principles. They are only interested in aquiring power.

    @Real American Patriot: CRAP: I have read the whole story numerous times. You are the one wearing blinders. And you have a clown in the U.S. Senate that bears the (D) which also follows your name.

    That’s your shame and I intend to rub your dirty nose in it again and again and again.

  5. 7


    Real American Patriot… I think you should change your tag… and don’t let the door hit you….

    Franken just moved into the Big Top… very fitting – he can sit next MY clown, Benedict Arlen. I’m sure they will have much to talk about.

  6. 8

    Old Trooper

    With ballots appearing out of precincts in numbers that outnumbered the registered voters I smell election fraud. With ballots mishandled or misplaced before the recount, I smell a rat. This was an illegitimate election and anyone with the good sense God gave a crowbar should grasp that.

    It was the Duty of the Secretary of State to toss it and hold a special election in light of the irregularities but he was in the bag for Franken. The fox was watching the hen house and the integrity of the electoral process was compromised. That much should have put the State Supreme Court on alert but that failed. I am neither a Republican or a Democrat. I am an Independent because there is too much corruption to go around with Rs or Ds.

    This election was compromised and fraudulent. Period.
    There were too many irregularities for it to be legit.

    Real American Patriot, I do make any opinions based on any one single source.
    Coleman conceded because he ran out of Money.

  7. 10


    I understand all too well the self-pity and the “Woe is me” hand-wringing, but your facts are wrong:

    “Coleman’s counsel confirmed at oral argument that Coleman makes no claim of fraud on the part of either voters or election officials.”

    That is from the 5-0 Unanimous decision.

    If there was fraud why didn’t Senator Coleman argue that there was fraud?

    If Democrats want to govern, it looks like the conservatives are going to withdraw into excuses, baseless allegations, and despair.


  8. 11


    Per the headline on fox news, the honorable Al Franken’s first goal is to win over the republicans. I thought that was cheeky. He is going to save us from ourselves. How sweet:) Not!

  9. 13



    *what* Republicans? Other than the token tee shirts, do we have some in Congress? They’re all spineless, big spending, self absorbed turncoats. Send ’em all home, I say….

  10. 16

    a giant slor

    I wouldn’t call you crazy. I would call you stupid. First, not even the Coleman team raised any objection about fraud. That would be pretty silly, since there wasn’t any fraud. Second, the Democrats do not have a filibuster-proof majority. There are too many Blue Dogs and “New Democrats” for that. If Obama’s agenda fails, it will be squarely on the GOP’s and Blue Dogs’ shoulders. We will point that out loudly and repeatedly, and America will decide at the polls if they want to put obstructionist politicians back in office. Since Americans demonstrated in ’08 that they want change, I know what their decision will be.

  11. 17

    Hard Right

    Slor, you calling anyone stupid is the height of hypocrisy and projection. More votes than voters? No, no fraud there (roll eyes).

    And now that voters know what that “change” truly means they realize what a mistake they made. Keep living in that fantasy world of yours and thinking the dems as a whole and obama won’t be blamed. You display your obvious mental illness by calling the Reps obstructionist when it was the dems who own that label.
    I’m betting you won’t be around here when the Reps take over the House in 2010, will you moron?

  12. 18


    Reasonable people will not blame Republicans if the Obama plans fail. They will blame the Democrats. They expect the Republicans to vote against Democratic ideas and principles. If they agreed with Democrats, they would be democrats. People will blame the Democrats that voted against Obama’s agenda. And besides who knows. Maybe a lot of people will rejoice if Obama’s plans fail. A lot of people I know are financially strapped and cannot afford higher taxes and they can’t afford to see the few remaining small busineses in their towns go under.

  13. 19

    Aye Chihuahua


    @a giant slor:

    What a stunning example of concentrated stupid.

    Where to begin? Where to begin?

    Second, the Democrats do not have a filibuster-proof majority.

    What definition of super-majority and which Senate rules are you applying to make that asinine statement?

    If Obama’s agenda fails, it will be squarely on the GOP’s and Blue Dogs’ shoulders.


    If Obama’s agenda fails, it will fall squarely on Obama and the fully Democrat controlled Congress.

    The Republicans don’t have the votes or any semblance of the control necessary to push, mold, or direct legislation. Heck, they’re routinely closed out of the entire process.

    Yeah, the Dims own this one from stem to stern.

    America will decide at the polls if they want to put obstructionist politicians back in office.


    America will speak loudly in 2010.

    It’s shaping up to be an encore of 1994.

  14. 20


    I think Democrats will be in for a huge awakening. When all of our money is going to taxes to pay off the gigantic debt, maybe then they’ll rethink the “positives” of having majority Democratic congress and Democratic president. Not everyone is pleased with the Franken election, especially not FOX (surprised?). However, FOX claiming that the problem is that he was originally an entertainer isn’t sufficient. Remember, they love Reagan.

  15. 21


    The GOP may indeed rise up strong in 2010 and 2012, but right now, itis the home of the most self-piteous group since President Bush routed the Dems in 2004.

    If there was fraud, yes!!!!!, Senator COLEMAN needed to charge it!!!!

    “Vote for Conservatives in 2010, because everyone must be in collusion and cheating, even Republican appointed Judges!”

    Great slogan. Who wrote it for the GOP?

  16. 22

    Hard Right

    Way to be dishonest there TJ. Did anyone say that all across the land that dem candidates won because of cheating. Really, you moonbats cannot debate an actual statement. You always have to create strawmen or throw out the moral equivalency arguement.
    Coleman chose not to push the election fraud issue. I would have, but I’m not him. Again, his failure to mention it changes nothing. He got screwed and the deck was stacked against him. Period.

  17. 23

    Old Trooper

    tjproudamerican, OK Junior, you pissed on the wall here and made your mark.

    You made no points worthy any discussion and got your Rant published on this site. I hope you enjoyed your 5 seconds of that. Move along now. You have nothing to offer and your clumsy attempt to offend is the same old pack of lies that We have All known to be bootlicking Socialist DKOS propaganda, so just move along…or…

    Come up to Montana for a quail hunt. I am a far keener shot than Dick Cheyney.
    Bring Al Franken with you, Pelosi, Boxer, Harry Reid or Your Butt Buddy Barney Frank.
    We don’t discriminate here…

  18. 24



    sloth..If Obama’s agenda fails, it will be squarely on the GOP’s and Blue Dogs’ shoulders. We will point that out loudly and repeatedly, and America will decide at the polls if they want to put obstructionist politicians back in office.

    Lawdy, I would hope so. We don’t need the cost of cap and tax, single payer health care, owning more private businesses as well as banks, and government caps on what we’re allowed to make. We don’t need to be forced into unions, since they’ll be the only ones favored after kissing the feet of the Eunuch in Chief.

    We sure don’t need to mandate federal inspections of private homes for sale with Obama required updates, paid for by the seller, in order to put your home on the market to sell. Who the hell gave him the right to say to every US homeowner, you have to put a new stove, new windows, new refrig, etal in before *I* let you sell it.

    A couple of years down line, when the mortgage rates have been raised to over 7-9% to combat the inflation from borrowing China dry, and the new rush of foreclosures and short sales happen because the recently refi’d mortgage is still a toxic asset, the voters will wake up and wonder just how we got here…. and wonder why we “obstructionists”, with our complaints on record everywhere… didn’t scream louder.

    We don’t need the big Zero punishing us for what we choose to eat, drink or smoke because he deems it a “systemic risk” to the US economy.

    There is only one systemic risk to the US economy… this bozo in the WH. And of course, those with the brain power of TJ and the MN voters who figured Al Franken was a good bet for a Senator. whu??? That *is* a joke.

  19. 25


    Real American Patriot:
    Would anyone care to read the real story?

    Care to answer my question on THIS THREAD?

    It pertains to this thread and honestly, I’d like to see you tap dance. I am in a mood to be entertained. Or will you dodge the question like your savior Obama?

    Speaking of which – anyone seen this?
    White House Reporters Grill Gibbs Over ‘Prepackaged’ Questions for Obama

    You know, I could do pretty well if I went to a town hall, where I knew what was going to be asked of me in advance. I could have every answer down PAT.

    And Helen Thomas ragging on the big ZERO. What is this world coming to?

    Aye Chihuahua
    Yeah, the Dims own this one from stem to stern.

    You are right in that they actually own it. BUT

    SINCE WHEN DOES ANY DEMOCRAP OWN ANYTHING??? It is ALWAYS someone’s else’s fault!
    Even though they could pass every thing and pretty much do anything, the end result will simply be this:


    Nancy can’t even own up to NOT CONDEMNING water board. She had to lie and say that the CIA lied to her. For once, let me see some democrat politician stand up and say
    “YES, I did it!”

    Edwards kept denying the love child he had while cheating on this wife (the same wife he held up for sympathy votes during the runoff).

    No matter what gets done – the dems will somehow try to blame the republicans. If a bill doesn’t get passed that they wanted … REPUBLICANS!

  20. 27


    There are some very angry people here in the comment section. There is so much self-pity. “The deck was stacked against Coleman…”

    And then someone offers to murder me.

    I know this is one tough son of a gun group of free thinkers, but two points:

    1.Too many Republicans are feeling sorry for themselves and demanding everyone chant the same things over and over.

    2. For too many commenters here, when the demand for conformity does not reach 100% agreement, you have nothing left but your silly and impotent claim that you will murder.

    Ah! But what if you got caught and sent to prison? Your impotent fantasies of prison are of being raped.

    Are you also homosexual? Is that why you have chaps and no horse?

    Just asking.

  21. 28



    “If a bill doesn’t get passed that they wanted … REPUBLICANS!”

    And it it passes, and fails, then if Reps went along with them, the fault will natrually lie with … REPUBLICANS!

    They win either way because the average voter is too #$*&@ STOOPID, to realize he is being lied to.

  22. 29


    tj,you still havent answered anybodys question with any kind of FACT. all I hear from you is a talking point rant right out of dkos or us all a favoir,STFU.thank you,thank you very much.

  23. 30


    @tjproudamerican: You are really over the moon with yourself. Get a grip and come to the conclusion that most self-thinking Americans did: Obama is a liar pure and simple. It started with his lie that he was a US citizen. He continually lies……He even secured a place in ACORN to help him continue to lie, and his Dimwitted Dems are too stupid to catch on. He has broken all his campain promises and is still blaming Bush for everything. For the last 3 years the Dems have had control of Congress, and not one of them have had the guts to accept responsibility for their failures. Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the list goes on. It is always Bush’s fault. When Obama drives the country into the ground and sells out to the Muslim community, it will still be the Republicans and Bush’s fault. Wake up and smell the stink you idiots created!

  24. 31

    Hard Right

    TJ, we are already chock full of leftist trolls and low grade ones like you at that. We are at our quota so feel free to go back to DUNG or PuffHo and brag how you gave us what for. You didn’t debate anyone or show any rational or independant thought, but I’m sure you think you accomplished something.
    I also find it amusing that you can’t take a joke because according to other leftists as long as it’s an attempt to be funny it’s no big deal.
    And to talk about whining, who claimed Bush stole the 2000 election for what, 8 yaers now? Whined that Bush lied about WMDs, etc. ? Stop projecting already. Oh, and thanks for proving my point about straw men.

  25. 32

    Hard Right

    Mary, being a mentally ill leftist like TJ means never facing reality or taking responsibility for your actions.

    BTW, I hate the spam filter.

  26. 33


    This is so silly.

    I think any trafic is good for the host here, so I don’t feel bad about commenting.

    If you think left blogs demand conformity…you are correct.

    Everywhere in America there are clusters of people repeating whatever it is that they think will give them an identity.

    I think the self-pity shown by Michael Steele that ACORN and Secretaries-of State’s in the individual states is self-defeating.

    If Senator McCain had won, we would be hearing about Diebold and how the Election machines stole the election for the GOP.

    What happened to sanity, self respect, and manliness?

    I guess Liberals are the reason so many blogs sound like a girls locker room after a school dance

    ‘did you hear what Judy said, that bitch…….’

    ‘o my God! I know! ACORN, trolls, fascists, COLB’s, SF, Cheney, Blackwater, Diebold, Soros, Richard Mellon Scaife…..’

    btw we are all serious.

  27. 34



    “btw we are all serious.”

    Yeah, but we can’t both be right. One has to have facts on his side for that, and the facts show the Left is ALWAYS wrong, and in this case that Franken stole the election, …
    just like Gore tried to do in 2004.

    And, yes, ACORN is one of the fraudsters.

    And, speaking of “silly”…

  28. 35


    Guys, Coleman was asking for remedy that simply wasn’t in Minnesota law, and he didn’t even meet the standard of evidence for that.

    That’s the decision of both a unanimous Election Contest Court and a unanimous Minnesota Supreme Court, both which included representatives appointed to the bench by three different parties/governors.

    You’re going to keep arguing that they’re all crooked?

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