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    Herr Ahmadinejad has won another term as the most vile, holocaust denying, Jew hating, totalitarian puppet-in-chief of Iran – one of the axeeze of evil. Barry’s obviously forgotten that part.

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    This is exactly what happened with the invasion of Georgia during the campaign last year. McCain put out a strong statement immediately and Obama waffled for more than three days before essentially coming down to a statement that mimicked McCain’s. Obama is voting present, possibly because he thinks that he would ‘taint’ the opposition if the Iranian government could link Obama’s statements to them, and therefore the opposition would be deemed as traitors because of the US support. However, Obama could do the same thing by getting Western European (and Eastern European) leaders to issue a joint statement challenging the legitimacy of the election. It wouldn’t be an explicit statement of support for Mossavi, thereby giving him and his supporters cover, but it would saw the legs out from under Amamadjihadi’s government.
    But that might be too smart diplomacy for Hillary and Obama. They are only up to speed on ‘smart diplomacy’ which appears to mean slapping your friends and allies in their faces and coddling one’s enemies. However, the year isn’t out yet, so there is still a chance that Obama might make a statement saying that given the democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan nurtured by the prior Administration, the Iranian people deserve similar democratic government protections and integrity to their election process.

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    Iran has been meddling in our business in Iraq for several years now — giving ordinance, training, and troops. I am not interested in sending troops into Iran, but I would think that a well-placed JDAM dropping in on the next meeting of the Iranian Supreme Revolutionary Council would do wonders.

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    Nothing would do more right now to shore up Ahmedinejads position than a vociferous intervention from “the great satan”. Use your brains, if you really do want to see progress in Iran. Of course, if attacking Obama is more important than change in Iran, then snipe on…

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    Well, it’s so much easier than actually having to make tuff decisions. Why not get on a plane and go out and campaign…. er, hold a town hall meeting. What a moron!!!

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    Given the slow response to the situation by the Obama Administration, I propose that Obama appoint George W. Bush as the “Decider Czar.”
    The “Decider Czar” will make all decisions for the administration leaving Obama free to do the two things he likes best .. campaign and blame Bush.
    Part of the “Decider Czar’s” duties will be to answer that 3AM phone.

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    mynameis: Nothing would do more right now to shore up Ahmedinejads position than a vociferous intervention from “the great satan”. Use your brains, if you really do want to see progress in Iran. Of course, if attacking Obama is more important than change in Iran, then snipe on…

    First, Mike’s A… thanks for posting this as it saves me the trouble. And to comment on your thread, I’m first addressing “mynameis”. And I can only say this one way…

    Barack Obama… Leader Follower of the free world

    Obama has but hours to be a “leader” vs a “follower” of the free world, mynameis (I heard there was to be a joint comment on the election’s integrity by western Euro nations sometime today). The EU has already criticized the regime’s brutal response to the post election results. And where’s the POTUS? Cowering, afraid to respond as if he thinks it will make an iota of difference in talks. Instead, he and his admin are “watching and waiting” and hoping that “the outcome reflects the will of the Iranian people.”

    Some leadership. Even if he comments not on the election, he demonstrates no cajones to comment even on the oppressive rule – i.e. the regime’s response to cut off hi-tech communications (Facebook, Twitter, shutting down access to some Internet websites) and police thuggery. Evidently the American values Obama loves to “talk” about get brushed aside for Tiananmen Square tactics under the world’s nose. Obviously Obama finds Iran intimidating.

    Even motor-mouth Biden is running the talking head circuit, delivering the WH platitudes.

    As the Iranian government cracked down on public demonstrations and reportedly detained dozens of opposition leaders, Vice President Biden said yesterday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he had “doubts” about the election returns but that “we’re going to withhold comment” until a more intensive review takes place in the coming days.

    “There’s an awful lot of question about how this election was run,” Biden said, noting that the high voter turnout in Iran’s urban areas would argue against such a wide margin of victory for Ahmadinejad, whose conservative populism holds more appeal in rural areas. “I mean we’re just waiting to see.”

    The cautious response illustrates the balance that the Obama administration is seeking between condemning what increasingly appears to be a fraudulent election and the likelihood that it will be dealing with Ahmadinejad after the dust settles.

    Dingy-job was never going to be pliable to US talks. Instead, the rest of the free world weighs in on obvious injustice while Obama chats up the AMA to advance his health care reform that leads to only one thing…. socialized health care by destroying the free market model.

    If you think Obama’s silence is leadership, or wise policy, mynameis, you are even more a fool than the bozo occupying the WH.

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    Old Trooper

    The Magic Kenyan voted “Present ” again.
    Marcell, tell Him that he needs to stop Campaigning and Govern or he will be unemployed
    after the 2012 elections. After the 2010 Elections his Socialist Majority will be unemployed.

    Americans will vote their checkbook issues and when jobs keep going away, you are beating a dead horse with platitudes., promises and ZERO results. Unemployment could be 15% by August.
    Bread & Circus or naive attempts to spend more than China chooses to lend is not the right answer.
    But thanks for playing Bro. Lengthy Talking Points posts do are nuggets of wisdom. They are quite simplify put “Statements from the Ministry of Propaganda & Public Enlightenment” that are total tripe at face value.

    I have a few acres of ground in Montana, served America in boots and run a real business, a Beef Cattle Ranch, pay my taxes on time, employ about 40 folks and Obama has never run a lemonade stand so no matter how sincere you want to appear, you are as naive as the Magic Kenyan. No offense but post your tripe elsewhere. I am not buying a word of it. I am a successful Native American Minority that You ain’t. Affirmative Action is a trap. I was on horseback at age 12 and learned about work, managing a business from a Carlisle Grad that was a Lakota Sioux that had grandparents that got the back of America’s Hand after Little Big Horn. So go elsewhere with your Party Line Tripe or hear from me often.

    My Daughter that is a First Year Cadet at USAFA could debate you and send you off with your testicles and ear lobes braided because she was Ranch raised and learned about economics, hard work and never played the race card because she knew that no one here would buy into that crap here. She can do the math that Obama and his Lackies can’t.

    Just get off Your soapbox Dude. come back with Facts and not MSM nonsense. Please?
    I would invite you trout fishing but your mouth is stronger than your wrists.

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    @Mike’s America:

    “Is Obama blind or just stupid?”


    Oh, and regarding the latest news updates on Iran, where the country seems at the edge of civil war, it’s hard for a Jew to take sides, as the whole country is about as anti-Semitic as Germany was in …well, most of it’s history.

    Even the Shah was a “truther.”

    Needless to say, I prefer not to root for any side, but let them settle it amongst themselves and hope for the best.

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    Old Trooper

    We do NOT need any re-iterations of Jimmy Carter failed Foreign Policy or apologies for decades of being insensitive to Dictators anywhere or Carter certifying election fraud anywhere, meddling in any Nations business or supporting tyrants.

    Obama never grew up under tyrants. The folks in Iran know not much else. You cannot just put Islamic Fundamentalist tyranny aside on this event. Mousavi will be murdered by the Militias, Student protestors have been beaten senseless and one to death. Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs
    had an “Election” and as Stalin once said ‘It’s Not the People Who Vote that Count; It’s the People Who Count the Votes’.

    Obama is waiting to push his domestic agenda and the folks in Iran are oppressed. Obama is bush league and naive. Ahmadinejad is a hardcore tyrant and had been for years. Obama won the Community Organizer Lottery and is posturing and posing. Ahmadinejad is a professional thug and views America under Obama to be weak and to be silent or taken advantage of with ease.

    The Here and Right Now is more important than the leftist revisionist philosophy that Ivy League Affirmative Action logic Fools embrace and is not worth a cup of warm spit. Obama Nation sits back planning a “Date Night” while Freedom takes hard hits in Iran and Netanyahu has IDF Patriots ready to act. Syria, Pal Gaza and Iran needs a trip to the woodshed, supported by France, Germany and most Eastern European Nations.

    I get unclassified email from folks that remember an America differently than the Obama Nation
    and ask Me what the hell happened here?

    I branded 32 Spring born calves today and sent 78 steers to market. Free Market Capitalism and getting my hands dirty but Obama never got is hands dirty in his life and never worked day in his life either. Community Organizing, Hah.

    Strike that remark. Doing deals with Chicago Politicians make your Soul and Character Filthy and You Powerful and Wealthy. It works in Third World Nations. It worked here and sadly so.

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