27 May

Rove Wipes The Mat With Carville


Quite a video that displays the typical leftist tactic. When your losing a debate quickly switch the topic to something completely unrelated. Watch how Carville trys to turn the conversation onto Rush once Rove calls him on wanting Bush to fail on the morning of 9/11:

Quite sad and pathetic of Carville. But I love the Rove answer: “I want the guy who voted for a Republican”

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17 Responses to Rove Wipes The Mat With Carville

  1. SoCal Chris says: 1

    Also try turning off the volume and watching the body language of Charlie Rose and Carville as compared to Karl Rove’s body language. Karl Rove is calmly trying to assert his point while Rose and Carville act like they have red ants in their pants and keep nervously grabbing their water bottles for something to do. I thought Rose was going to drop all of his papers in his lap at one point he was fumbling with them so much…I guess the conversation was going way ahead of his script, or he was nervous that Rove was going to expose them for what they are…liberal loons.

  2. Hard Right says: 2

    I wish Cheney or Rove would run for President.
    Read some of Carville’s book years ago and I wanted to vomit. He is one those people who doesn’t believe most of the BS that comes out of his mouth, he just wants power at any cost by any means.

  3. luva the scissors says: 3

    i have always thought carvill was kinda funny, in a loud obnoxiuous way. rove made him look like a stuttering school boy who is pissed because he makes no sense. loved how rove kept trying to get him to admit what he had said, i guess he thinkks if he protests enough it makes his words nonexistant. rose looked out of his depth, i think he is only as good as he thinks he is if the person he is speaking with holds the same view point. very funny.

  4. Wordsmith says: 4

    I’m glad Cheney and Rove are both speaking out and making a difference:

  5. philly_nj says: 5

    James Carville is a dedicated, slavish long time Bill & Hill (Clinton) supporter…nuff said ;)

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  7. Aleric says: 7

    More, MORE, we need more of this and less apologizing or doing nothing.

  8. BackwardsBoy says: 8

    The first time I saw James Carville on TV, I was taken aback by the bizarre look in his eyes. And I thought to myself, “If someone who looks crazy, sounds crazy and acts crazy has a job in any administration, our country is in deep trouble.”

  9. tfhr says: 9

    Whenever I see Carville, my curiosity to find out what ever happened to the kid with the banjo in “Deliverance” stops cold.

  10. @tfhr:

    Whenever I see Carville, my curiosity to find out what ever happened to the kid with the banjo in “Deliverance” stops cold.

    That’s just not nice. Not nice at all. :)

    Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
  11. MataHarley says: 11

    Too funny…. I always think of Uncle Fester on the Nutrasystem when I see Carville. But my biggest fascination is, what is it like to sit at a dinner table with him and Mary Matalin? That’s got to be a hoot….

  12. SBSmith says: 12

    We’ve been calling James Carville “The Yappy Dog” for a very long time now.

    He makes me want to smack him in the head with a big shovel.

  13. ditto says: 13

    Carvill always makes my skin crawl. You’ld think that the Democrats at CNN would realize just how sleazy and oily a messenger he comes across as to viewers.

  14. Real American Patriot says: 14

    However Rove is the biggest sleaze ball of them all..


    BTW this is the first time I have ever agreed with Hard Right…
    I think Rove or Cheney should run for president!!
    hehehehe that would be the biggest win for the Democrats in history!!!!

  15. Ryan says: 15

    “However Rove is the biggest sleaze ball of them all.”

    Yeah, if you exclude Obama.

  16. Aqua says: 16

    @ Aye

    When I see Carville, I’m reminded of The Lord of the Rings

  17. Toothfairy says: 17

    Carville is Gollum, and the ring of political power is his “Precious.”


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