The French Boycott “Criminal” Israeli’s By Stealing Stuff

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You gotta watch this video from France. Some group called organized a “boycott” to protest the Israeli’s. Boycott’s usually mean your not going to buy the product anymore right? Not for these French. Instead it means to steal what you can while screaming about the “criminal” Israeli’s….

A reader to Powerline notes it is even more disgusting then first glance:

This video is even more grotesque than you think. It was shot in a suburb of Paris called Aulnay-sous-Bois. The next-door town to Aulnay is called Drancy, about 1 mile away. Drancy was used by the Nazis between 1942-1944 as a deportation holding camp for the Jews of Paris prior to the deportation to the extermination camps in eastern Europe. 65,000 Jews passed through Drancy, of whom 63,000 were killed. In other words, the Israeli boycotters have chosen, of all the supermarkets in France, the one closest to France’s most important holocaust memorial site. Look on google maps to see how close they are.

And guess what happened in Drancy two weeks ago?

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Wow, those f’ing french never cease to amaze. I hope when they awake to find out they are living in a country which is nothing more than an extension of Islam, and have totally lost all French culture (what little they had) they come crying to us first. Yup, and I hope we tell them to go back to the hell they created for themselves!

    I love Ace of Spades comment, “This incident reminds me…it’s almost time for Youths of Undetermined Ethnic and Religious Origin Car Burning season.”

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    Ayatollah Ghilmeini

    Ace it is not clear from the video they are stealing stuff.

    What they are doing is subjecting Israeli and Jewish products to a “selection” process. Just as Jews were culled from Christians and then the weak from the strong, Jewish goods are taken by these despicable Mengele wannabes and targeted for their origin and denied their place. This is bigotry without shame, and the intention is ultimately to destroy the goods and the people who made them. It is an assault on Jewish business only becuase they could not hit some Jews instead.

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    It is not unlike the original destruction of Jewish businesses at the beginning of the Holocaust era in Nazi Germany. We are witnessing the global escalation of an anti-semitic community that seeks the genocidal annihilation of Israel as its supreme achievement. It’s equally shocking how ambivalent our various intellectual communities of “tolerance” are about this global wave.

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    well that does it- from now on, I’m going to boycott all palestinian goods.

    What’s that? palestinians only produce dead people and are parasites on the human race?

    Never mind.

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    It’s funny how a lot of pro Arab-anti Israel movements never seem to materialism in the “Red Neck” states. I live in KY and I could see a group of Palastinians coming into WalMart and trying to steal goods and keep people from buying products. There would not only be arrests but they would have to use to police to protect them from the Americans who would kick their asses for behavior such as this.

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    Carrefour is a large corporation with company-owned and frachise stores in several countries. In August, 2008 a Chinese store was subjected to a similar protest. On this occasion, however, it was because protestors were “boycotting” based on a rumor that Carrefour supported the Dali Lhama. Left-wing moonbats don’t need an actual reason to attack – as long as the business is a symbol of dreaded capitalism. What’s ironic about that protest is the Chinese police were quick to respond and disperse the protestors, calling such patriotism “misguided.” Where were the French police in Aulnay-sous-bois? Maybe the gendermes just weren’t patriotic enough. BTW there’s an English subtitle of this video over at Hot Air.

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