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    Hi Cary,

    You said ‘If it did bother the Queen, she probably wouldn’t let on.’ Oh, she surely would. Politely, of course, and without saying a word, but she can throw a frosty look which would make you want to crawl away and die. At the risk of bring down the “but Bush isn’t President any more” avalanche, I refer you to the Queen’s expression after George W Bush winked at her. “We are not amused” barely comes close.



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    Hi Mike,

    Allow me to clear up a few misconceptions.

    1) I don’t hate President George W Bush. He wouldn’t have been my choice and I think that he made some tremendous errors of judgement (no, I don’t mean the wink; that was just gauche), but I’ve always thought he seemed like a very nice guy.

    2) Neither President Bush nor President Obama are my President. You had no way of knowing this, of course, but I am an Australian.

    3) I mentioned President Bush solely because of the look Her Majesty gave him after he winked at her. It was to illustrate a point.


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    Hi Mike,

    I’m not sure what is going on but my post responding to post 48 is simply not showing on the board. I’ve attempted to post it twice but, both times, it has apparently gone no-where. Any ideas?


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    Really NO CLASS at all.
    What sort of half-fkked gift is that for the Queen? An ipod with his own speeches???
    Why not just give her a signed photo of himself, after all he is start bigger than anyone on earth.
    The Queen should ask her corgis to poo, then wrap up said poo and present it to Obama, cause that is what he is, poo.

    Bowing to the Saudi king??? I guess he has to bow because that where he gets his money from and that’s how he got into Harvard, thru the Sutton family which is the frontman for arabs.

    The US POTUS bowing to the dictator of a medieval kingdom????

    Next time, when he comes to china, we will make him bow down to us too. Bow to the imperial chinese who hold your debt!!!! Ni Hao!!! Ni Hao!!!! We will make him kowtow and knock his head on the ground 10 times, and say, Wan sui, Wan sui!!!!!

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    1 Sarge Charlie
    Holy crap, he could have given the queen a quart of mad dog 20/20 or old thunderbird……

    ROTFL the video of the Queen shows how the American Press LIES.
    But the prez running over to bow to the arab is the screw all America.
    This just shows why he no longer go to a Christian Church. In Spanish shows another side of his race to kiss the feet of this arab.

    I will never forgive the Democrats for what they have done to our Great Country. OR J. McCain for his not allowing this to be exposed. Remember it was him who stopped the GOP from using his middle name and allowing the American People to know the Truth. The American Press who are complicit is helping cover for this usurper a pox on their houses.

    Video: Obama’s deep bow to the Saudi king


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    Don’t laugh. The US actually did nearly come to blows with the Chinese over the demand that the US ambassador kow-tow to the Emperor.

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    I’m going to try breaking this post up into two to see if the length was the problem.

    Hi Mike

    >>> Liz already has an iPod. What makes you think she wanted another. >>>

    She bought hers in 2005 and it is not a video model. This new one is.

    Do you have a link? <<>> Did she also request Obama’s speeches? >>>

    That I can’t tell you but she can always delete them if she doesn’t want them.

    >>> Liz likes techie gadgets? News to me. I was reading Paul Burrell’s book “A Royal Duty.” Burrell was the personal footman to Her Majesty before joining Princess Diana’s household. Liz has a small radio and a television set. That and a phone. She did get a cell phone and an iPod, but I would never call her a “techie.” >>>

    Actually, I didn’t call her a “techie”, I said that she liked techie gadgets. Not the same thing at all. Given that Paul Burrell, as you say, left the Queen’s service during Diana, Princess of Wales’ time, he may not have been aware of the Queen’s more recent interests.

    ‘The gadget-loving Queen has become HOOKED on Prince William’s new Nintendo Wii games console … In 2001 she got her first mobile phone and has regularly upgraded to one with the latest features … Her Majesty set up her own email account years ago … she [has] added a trendy BlackBerry to her technological armoury …’


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    >>> No excuse for Michelle to violate protocol. >>>

    It’s not a violation if the Queen initiates it, and she did.

    ‘“I don’t know what went through her head, but if it was me, I would have responded the same way,” etiquette expert Anna Post said of the reception at Buckingham Palace, where the Queen put her hand on Michelle Obama’s back and the first lady responded in kind … [Obama] didn’t make a mistake,” Post said, adding that good etiquette dictates that you absorb the mistake on the other person’s behalf when an actual gaffe is made. “It’s a great example of how manners matter.”‘


  9. @sigmundringeck: I cropped the photo of Obama bowing. The full size is here:


    Isn’t that the Chinese President standing immediately to Obama’s right watching as he bows to the Saudi King? I wonder what he must be thinking?

    I do expect Obama to be kow towing to China very soon.

    @Sappho: Still no link to show that the Palace requested the iPod?

    As for the Queen of techies, frankly, I’ll take Paul Burrell’s word of what goes on inside the Queen’s private apartments before I do a press release from the P.R. staff distributed to the fawning press.

    And as for Michelle, she’s an embarrassment and this is just more proof of it. You can spin it all day long but at some point you will get dizzy and fall down.

    I understand you like the Kool Aid. Even though it is very expensive and likely to leave you drained of all will to think freely.

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    Why not bow backwards and ask them to stick it in gently, because the O’s represent the new America! Touch the Queen, but don’t bow, bow to the Muslim, hmmmm. We are screwed folks, America’s make over is in fever pitch. Did he apologize for us responding to the 9/11 attacks as well?

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    Hi Mike,

    For some reason, my post to you in response to 48 is mucking up badly. There’s a second part which has not shown and I know I had included a link regarding the Queen requesting a video iPod. I’ll try again.

    http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4911728n%3fsource=search_video Video Timer: 3:27 – 3:45

    As for Burrell’s book, he joined Diana’s household in 1987 and wrote his book in 2003. She’s reported to have bought her first mobile phone in 2001, her iPod in 2005, and started playing William’s Wii in 2008. Burrell’s book doesn’t really have an impact at that point.

    In terms of Michelle’s contact with Her Majesty, it was initiated by the Queen in an almost unheard of display of affection.


    It doesn’t appear to be me “drinking the Kool Aid” here.


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    I don’t want to believe this video. I remember how the internet attacked Bush with bullshit. I want to believe he lost his balance or something. I hate this guy, but he cant be that low rent and ignorant.

    Till i hear it on fox i won’t believe it. It’s embarrassing.

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    Good lord. What are the right wingers going to do when he goes to Japan?

    WELL I don’t think the same thing the left is doing in France. Or in NY.

    Let me help you in case you have not been keeping up on current events.

    April 4, 2009
    Police, protesters clash in France at NATO summit
    OH NO
    Saturday’s protest began calmly but began turning violent around noon (1000 GMT, 6 a.m. EDT). An AP reporter saw police in body armor and helmets hoisting shields as they were pelted by several hundred protesters with rocks, sticks and then Molotov cocktails.
    About 100 officers responded by lobbing flash bombs and volleys of tear gas into the crowds of demonstrators, many dressed in black and wearing masks or balaclavas.
    Members of the violence-prone “black bloc” _ named for their black clothes and hoods _ then headed toward the Europa Bridge and set fire to the customs station on the French side and sprayed graffiti on the walls of buildings.
    [OH MY]
    Protesters have been frustrated by large police presence in both cities. Some 15,000 German police and 9,000 French police are on call for the summit.
    [CAN’T BE]
    Elsewhere, a separate group of 200 French and German protesters _ including dozens dressed as clowns and a team of dancing percussionists _ occupied a central intersection in downtown Strasbourg after police launched flash bombs and tear gas at them.

    Better read the whole thing and of course they are lefties all.

    don’t forget to read about the hospital vist off because not safe for the wifie??



    April 4, 2009
    Taliban Chief Claims Responsibility for N.Y. Shooting Massacre
    A Pakistani Taliban militant leader has claimed responsibility for the attack on a U.S. immigration center in New York state in which 13 people were killed, Reuters reported.


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    Um, I was referring to the bowing debacle. It is a custom in Japan for people to bow when they greet each other. That’s why I said some people are going to go insane if they see him bow when he visits Japan. It was a quip, sheesh. Bowing is also a custom in martial arts before and after a match, the bow is done to show humility and respect.

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    East Asians also bow as a greeting, both bowing at the same time, as equals. I’ve already explained why the custom is different on another thread. BTW, you did notice the King did not reciprocate, I wonder if he was amused.

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