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A Salute to Laura Bush



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  1. rachel says: 1

    First Lady Laura Bush was my favorite First Lady. Always lovely, gentile, kind, classy, dignified and just a beautiful person. I am appalled at how unfairly her husband was treated and that had to be a knife through her heart. Yet she served as First Lday with such quiet dignity, never seeking the attention. And I’m glad she was there to support the President in the tough times. It is much appreciated.

    We were lucky to have her. And we won’t be nearly that lucky this time around with the in-coming Michelle. She appears to me to be an ill-tempered, demanding witch who will always look for the limelight. The antithesis of Laura. And I’m sure we are going to find that out soon enough.

    Thank you Laura Bush. God bless you and your family.

  2. We would be hard pressed to find her dignity, elegance and grace any time soon. Mrs. Bush is what many of us strive to be…a charming, intelligent, classy lady whose style never goes out of style. She is and will be for many years to come a superb role model for young ladies here and throughout the world.

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  4. Craig says: 3

    Rachel, you have said it all; I agree 100% with you. Michelle O.? She has already asked for a salary; guess she needs one, since she lost her law license; so now she depends on Obama for money to buy herself ugly dresses like the one she wore on Election night… lol

  5. Missy says: 4

    Really enjoyed this thread Mike, thanks.

    Who would even want to follow First Lady Laura Bush into that roll, you can’t improve perfect. I will miss her as our First Lady, and will look forward to news she generates as she continues her projects. If the MSM chooses to fill us in that is, the major networks gave the President’s farewell address a total of 58 seconds combined, shame, shame.

    I will also miss Lynn Cheney, her wit, spirit, generosity. Another class act that Jill Biden will fail to come close to.

  6. GaffaUK says: 5

    So who’s the best First Lady?

  7. Missy says: 6

    My favorites are LadyBird, Laura and Barbara Bush. Of the three, I would choose Laura as my absolute favorite.

  8. I’ve only met Nancy Reagan and admired the others from afar but I would have to say that it would be hard to top Laura Bush. She never put a foot wrong in 8 years and that’s saying something.

  9. BarbaraS says: 8

    At 1:00 PM January 20, 2009 Obama removed pictures of Laura Bush from the WH website. That didn’t take long, did it? He shows such class the arrogant ass.

  10. Georgia Wiester says: 9

    I admire Laura Bush tremendously! What a blessing she has been to our nation. Always going about her duties and undertakings in quiet dignity, never calling attention to herself but always causing one to wonder at her loveliness. Her heart had to ache for her husband as the media fueled a constant barrage of hate and ridicule against him but she never burst out in anger against them. They both have shown us how to live in Christ-like response toward those who hate them. I love them and pray that God will once again bless this nation with such a couple in the White House.
    I have wondered how to write a note to them personally. Maybe they will read this. If so I want to express my deepest appreciation to you for the eight years of your lives which you have given to this country, knowing the your privacy would be affected for the rest of your lives on this earth. May you find rest in peace in the years ahead in knowing you have done your best to serve this nation and that there are many of us who know this.
    Blessings – John and Georgia Wiester

  11. Judy Wilson says: 10

    there is alot of people that agree, we will never have a first Lady like Laura Bush again. I admire her courage her classy-ness her true values. Yes, I know there will never be another first Lady like Laura, I would have loved to have known her and would like to tell her she was very much appreciated and looked up to . Judy and Jerry PTL

  12. Linda says: 11

    Mrs. Bush was one of the best and classiest first ladies we have ever had. I have admired her
    the whole time they were in office. She was first the President’s wife and confidant. She was
    supporting him the whole time through thick and thin. She wasn’t a showy person but one who
    knew she was important but the President was 1st with the people. I don’t think we will ever
    have another one with the mannerism that she has. Her mother in law Barbara was a great first lady but I think Laura exceeded even her. They just knew what it took to be a first lady, kindness, graciousness, and meekness. I thank God everyday that we had a chance to see what a true lady is and how she acts. I will miss her being our representative as a first lady.


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