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    No! No! It’s just Republican lies! There cain’t be snow in New Orleans. Probably just some drunk Republican-nazi-bastard-trailer-trash-cajuns going rooftop-to-rooftop down Bourbon Street with a stolen snow machine, so they can use the distraction to keep eligible Democrats from votering. Global Warming is Real! REAL I TELL YOU!
    (Spoken as saliva dribbles from the corners of his mouth, while medical interns help ease Ex-presidential candidate Gore into a nice, warm cozy, straight-jacket – Fade to Black)

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    UPDATE: Seven Inches of Snow in the Las Vegas Valley. Dec 17 2008, It snowed a good part of the day in the Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas got 2-inches, and 7-inches fell in Henderson (the valley area on the south side of LAS airport running to the east end of the valley and farther south to the Boulder Highway mountain pass.) Flights were canceled as the airport lacks de-icing equipment and snow plows.

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    Further Update on Las Vegas Snow: (1) Final tally was 3.6 inches of Snow in Las Vegas, across the road Henderson NV recorded 8 inches with scattered reports of as much as 10 inches of snow. (2) Correction: McCarran Airport does have aircraft de-icing equipment, but not snow plows. The airport received 3 inches to as much as 6 inches. (It was the highest snow accumulation recorded in the month of December in Las Vegas since the start of official records in 1937. The previous record was 2 inches of snow, which fell on Dec. 15, 1967.) The nearest snow plows are 30 miles away on Mount Charleston clearing away the 11 inches it received. One section of the mountain roads are still closed and only vehicles with chains are allowed up the mountain.

  4. @Surrey: Maybe you haven’t heard but:

    Kilimanjaro’s shrinking snow not sign of warming
    Tue Jun 12, 2007 11:18am EDT

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The snows of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania have been diminishing for more than a century but probably not due to global warming, researchers report.

    While the retreat of glaciers and mountaintop ice in the mid-latitudes — where much of the world’s human population lives — is definitely linked to global climate change, the same cannot be said of Kilimanjaro, the researchers wrote in the July-August edition of American Scientist magazine.

    Kilimanjaro’s icy top, which provided the title for an iconic short story by Ernest Hemingway, has been waning for more than a century, according to Philip Mote of the University of Washington in the United States and Georg Kaser of the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

    Most of the retreat occurred before 1953, nearly two decades before any conclusive evidence of atmospheric warming was available, they wrote.

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    I heard about that Mike. There is actually a growing number of scientists (especially in European nations) that are changing their minds and coming to the conclusion that the global warming theorists are perpetrating a hoax for political reasons:



    Atmospheric scientist Dr. Nathan Paldor, Professor of Dynamical Meteorology and Physical Oceanography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, author of almost 70 peer-reviewed studies, explains how many of his fellow scientists have been intimidated.

    “Many of my colleagues with whom I spoke share these views and report on their inability to publish their skepticism in the scientific or public media,” Paldor wrote.

    “Paleoclimatologist Dr. Tim Patterson, professor in the department of Earth Sciences at Carleton University in Ottawa, recently converted from a believer in man-made climate change to a skeptic. Patterson noted that the notion of a “consensus” of scientists aligned with the UN IPCC or former Vice President Al Gore is false. “I was at the Geological Society of America meeting in Philadelphia in the fall and I would say that people with my opinion were probably in the majority.” ”

    Ditto’s Simple Experiment to prove what would happen If the Arctic Ice Melts:
    There is much fear by the global warming supporters over what will happen ‘if’ (they say “when”) the Arctic Ice melts. Unlike the Antarctic, the North Pole ice is floating.

    HINT: Ice expands when it freezes.

    (1) Get a cooler and fill the bottom with ice blocks from your corner convenience store.

    (2) Now add water untile you are satisfied that the ice blocks are all floating free.

    (OPTIONAL: You could add salt to create a brine solution to a level approaching that of salt suspension in the waters of the Arctic Ocean, however be aware that this will lengthen the amount of time it will take the ice to melt, as the salt reaction with the water and ice together will reach even colder temperatures than they could on their own. That’s what made it possible for your great-grandmother to create yummy home-made ice cream in the middle of summer.)

    (3) Mark the water line with a permanent marker.

    (4) Come back after a couple hours or so and check the water level. For those wishing more accurate results wait until the ice has melted completely. If you added salt, double the time before checking.

    (5) Realize the truth: regarding displacement, floating bodies, why they float and apply what you have learned to Al Gore’s theory of Arctic ice melting, and how it will affect coastal water levels (especially in regards to islands. NOTE: One other scientific fact that should be taken into affect: Hard-pack Arctic ice, is created by snow fall. Continual snowfall causes layer after layer of build-up and the hard-pack below is further compressed by the layers above. In simpler terms… (for those who accept Al Gore’s theories without understanding them and who label as “Flat-Earthers” any skeptical scientist’s who dispute global warming theories.) …polar ice is much less dense then that which is found in your refrigerator ice tray, and it is generally available for purchase locally.

    (6) Now, try to figure out how you are going to dump all that water without sloshing it all over yourself.

    (7) Send Al Gore and the global warming alarmists nasty emails for telling fibs, and ponder what else they have been fudging the truth on. Repeat for those who have mirrored same.

    (8) Make a note to yourself that in the future you should actually understand and comment only on things that you actually know, rather than basing your arguments on the words and theories of one-sided political activists.

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