1 Aug

Why al-Qaeda Lost the Hearts and Minds of Iraqis


A young Iraqi girl embraces Capt. Janet Rose assigned to the 431st Civil Affairs Battalion, at the Baqouba Women and Children’s Hospital, June 9, 2007.

al-Qaeda only knows how to destroy. Not build hospitals, mosques, schools, improving the lives of ordinary Iraqi citizens.

From Bottomline Upfront (don’t expect 32 consecutive frontpage NYTimes stories on pro-victory propaganda like these):

Someone show this to Code Pink and bleeding heart anti-war liberals who claim the mantle of championing humanitarian causes.

I first discovered Buck Sargent through Hugh Hewitt a couple of years ago. Here is one of his videos that has always lingered with me:

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8 Responses to Why al-Qaeda Lost the Hearts and Minds of Iraqis

  1. Amy Proctor says: 1

    Al-Qaeda lost “hearts and minds” by beheading children, terrorizing neighborhoods, and making a clear distinction to the Iraqi people between good Muslims and apostates. Iraqis, particularly Muslims, knew they had to put a stop to their twisted religious ideas and not condone it by joining with al-Qaeda in any way.

  2. Is there a link to a charity that is donating these supplies?

  3. SoCal Chris says: 3

    Thanks Wordsmith. The photo and video are encouraging and truly heartwarming. I would also be interested in donating to this need.

  4. Amy Proctor says: 4

    It’s the 82nd ABN so I can find out what the avenue is for donating…

  5. Paul Couturier - OIF Veteran says: 5

    Wordsmith, thanks for posting this very touching video!

    Stuff like this has been happening since I was in Iraq 5 years ago. Someday when the kids in Iraq grow up, they’ll remember the kindness that was shown to them by American Soldiers!


  6. wordsmith says: 6

    You’re all welcomed! Thank Amy Proctor for providing the video. And check this out!. CJ writes:

    This is commercial being shown on Iraqi television – you know, the kind of television that was banned under Saddam Hussein. For me, this makes what I and my fellow Soldiers did totally worth it.

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  8. Wordsmith says: 7

    I just updated this post with one of Buck Sargent’s videos. The images are excellent…the couple of scenes of the Iraqi children dancing is priceless, and guaranteed to bring a smile to the heart.


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