7 Responses to “President Bush’s 2008 European Tour: A Pictorial of the Trip”

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    Nice pictures! The British have seceded way too much power to the EU however and need to get out of that useless snakepit of bureaucrats, it’s a hell-bound organization.

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    Aye Chihuahua


    I want the job of any of those photographers.

    It must be really cool to be right in the midst of history like that.

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    You are right. Pictures tell a story.

    President Bush appears as a statesman.

    I cannot envision Barack Obama in those shoes. He’s too novice.

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    SoCal Chris

    GREAT PICS!!! Thanks a bunch, Mike! I have several favorites already…but I especially like the one of Pres. Bush at the Villa Madama in Rome, Pres. Bush walking with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the garden at Schloss Meseberg Palace, and the one of Pres. Bush waving from Air Force One as he arrives at Ciampino International Airport Wednesday with the guard saluting in the foreground, just to name a few. Great photography for sure, and looked like a great response from those he met with.

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