10 Responses to “Saudi Oil Worth More to Democrats Than American Oil?”

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    luva the scissors

    typical, math skills are missing in the political arena. not amazed though, they cannot even count votes correctly.

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    And nevermind that 1 million barrels per day = $130 million per day, or $47 billion per year, which we would be keeping in the US rather than sending to people like Hugo Chavez or the Saudis.

    And people should not forget about the North Dakota Fields.


    And then you have the Canadian Tar Sands which hold as much as 7 times as much oil as Saudi Arabia. With oil prices where they are, these fields are now attractive to exploit.

    i don’t much like the idea of sending money to Canada, but at least they aren’t asses who hate us, like in OPEC countries.

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    What a complete dog and pony show the Senate and the House has put on over the past two days grilling oil execs when they know full well that as world production has leveled off, demand has sky-rocketed. How many people actually know that since the early 90’s (because of fuel efficiency and improvement in transit systems) this country’s demand for oil has barely changed?

    How many people know that underneath the high, scrub-covered rangeland of northwest Colorado is the world’s biggest oil field? The area’s deposits of oil shale are believed to be larger than all the oil reserves of the Middle EastLINK

    The fact is that the left wing anti-business enviro-nuts have choked this nation from producing our own vast oil reserves for the better part of thirty years while we have become slaves to the Middle Eastern countries and nutcases like Chavez.

    Maybe when gas gets up to $15 bucks a gallon this nation will wake up to the reality that “progressives” would prefer that we live in the stone ages to once again become one with nature.

    Welcome to the 21st century of Shangra-la

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    Watching Wasserman-Schultz, Dem Congressperson from Florida earlier today on Cavuto.

    She caught a bad case of the vapors when Neal mentioned maybe we should drill for our ‘own’ oil instead of depending on the Saudis, Chavez, etc.

    This wuss stated she was NOT going to allow oil drilling as it would affect her state’s greatest industry, tourism. I just screamed at the TV for Cavuto to ask her just how in hell that tourism industry would be working out with 10 bucks a gallon gas and no one was traveling to her fair state.

    Jeez! I would have nailed her wussy butt to the cross with that question, but not good old Cavuto.

    Course she was spinning like a top and he didn’t get many words in edgewise.


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    Rovin, if they get charge of our health care we won’t have to worry. The dead have no problems of an earthly kind. A lot will be paying for their dirty deeds, including almost 100% of the democrats who will be in the fire.

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    I find it interesting that it’s okay for other nations to “ruin” their natural environments for the world’s oil production, but it’s not okay for the United States to intelligently drill for oil leading us to greater levels of independence.


    Isn’t it just like the same attitude that believes that hard working Americans ought to pay for the lack of productivity of others.

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    john Ryan

    Anyone for leaving some of the US oil in the ground for our kids ????
    US oil consumption is currently 20 million barrels per day if they begin ANWAR work TODAY it will be at least 5 years before we see that 1 million. and that oil will of course be sold to the highest bidder by the oil companies.
    In fact oil independence ???? we export 1 million barrels a day TODAY we could have the same independence if we just stopped exporting our own oil. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/print/us.html

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    I want something BETTER than oil for our kids. Socialism (nationalizing oil companies) in not better. Slitting our throats by not drilling and making better refineries will not improve things for our kids. They will have NOTHING unless we can keep our economy going for them.

    Yes, we could stop all exportation of oil. But we cannot refine what we have. Not having new refineries and being forced to use “special blends” for individual states and counties (which here reduces fuel economy 3 mpg… how is that ‘good’ for the environment?) is also not good for our kids.

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    “In fact oil independence ???? we export 1 million barrels a day TODAY we could have the same independence if we just stopped exporting our own oil.”

    Wow, you didn’t do too well in basic arithmetic did you? You see this oil thingy is a global market which the USA is part of. One million barrels more a day on the global market would mean well……ONE MILLION MORE BARRELS ON THE GLOBAL MARKET. Nice leftist thinking there.

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