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The State Of Our Union Address - 2008

The State Of Our Union Address – 2008

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Just finished watching Bush give his final STOU and it was a good one. I loved the line “The IRS takes checks and money orders” to those who say they would be glad to pay the higher tax once those tax cuts expire. Nice! And it’s the truth. You don’t mind paying higher taxes then… Read more »

McCain Said What?

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If this quote is true then McCain is in for some deep trouble. But remember, we’re talking about the MSM here who almost never quote someone accurately: Then there is the issue of judicial nominations, a top priority with conservatives. Nothing would improve Mr. McCain’s standing with conservatives more than a forthright restatement of his… Read more »

“The War So Far” article from

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While I do not like the fact StrategyPage does not cite sources, I cannot argue with what they are stating in this “war so far” article. In fact, it is pretty close to the mark. War is Hell, but we are working through that Hell with extremly low casualties and amazing progress in the Arab/Persian culture where corruption and Dark Age politics rule. We suffered 3500 dead, with 1/3 of that caused by accidents, which combine to be 33-35,000 casualties total (even minor injuries count as “casualties”). This from a force of 1.4 million gives, at worse case, a little more than a 3% casualty rate with a 0.3% death rate over 5 YEARS. Technically, I am safer in Iraq than in Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC, LA, and Paris!!! Hell, I am safer there than in my bathtub!

Will The MSM Ever Learn?

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Can’t really say I’m shocked or surprised at the MSM’s reporting of the SOTU tonight. For years, President Bush and his advisers expressed frustration that the White House received little credit for the nation’s strong economic performance because of public discontent about the Iraq war. Today, the president is getting little credit for improved security… Read more »

How Bush Decided On The Surge

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Fred Barnes wrote a must-read article for the new issue of The Weekly Standard on how Bush made the decision for The Surge. You really get a feel for the different competing ideas on winning in Iraq, some good, some very bad like the State Departments version: In Washington, the president got little satisfaction from… Read more »

The Lovable Al Franken

The Lovable Al Franken

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Al Franken, the man who will body-slam someone’s exercise of free speech he doesn’t like, all in the name of ensuring someone else’s free speech is allowed, made the news recently once more. First a trip down memory lane: January 27, 2004 — EXETER, N.H. – Wise-cracking funnyman Al Franken yesterday body-slammed a demonstrator to… Read more »