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    Scott Malensek

    I liked her. She was a brave, idealistic person who had the people’s interests as her own.

    She was a leader, not a panderer.

    Now, the fate of the world might rest on a knife’s edge depending on whether Pakistan collapses the way Iraq did after the Golden Mosque bombing (such a collapse would be unstoppable in Pakistan), OR to see if her soul, her interests, her hopes, and her dreams survive and thrive as a martyr for peace, unity, and resolve/courage in the face of terrorists.

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    Igor R.

    I only hope that her death will serve some useful purpose: to once again remind the American electorate that the world is a dangerous place and America needs a President who is qualified from day one to fight terrorists. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about foreign dangers moving away from the list of the important issues because Iraq is no longer discussed much in the MSM. Well the idiot terrorists have a way of reminding Americans that just because the great war has moved away from their attention span it hasn’t stopped.

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    Blogs of War

    Bloggers Reach to Benazi Bhutto’s Assassination

    Reactions from the blogosphere – from the insightful to the insane:
    All Things Pakistan
    I, like most Pakistanis, am still too numb with shock and grief to think coherently about what has happened or what the implications of this are for teh country and…

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    Mike’s America

    Steve: Thanks for the NDTV clip:


    And if you look at that clip, which describes the actual attack, and also the You Tube video Curt posted (at the 42-44 second mark) you’ll see that the windows and door wall of the SUV she was riding in do not appear thick as they might with better armored vehicles.

    If you ever get the chance to be around the U.S. President’s motorcade, or see footage of the doors opening and closing you’ll see what real armor protection is like.

    We’ll learn more about the details of this heinous, vile attack in the days to come. I just hope that she was taking every precaution to prevent such attacks. After looking at the door panels, I’m not so sure.

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    My take at this point is to just follow what is being reported or commented on but try to avoid quick decisions because I have already seen some smaller details being corrected.

    To many times first reports end up being wrong.

    Her death will not be changed by jumping the gun..cooler heads need to prevail and gather all the info you can to figure it all out.

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    I don’t see this as something that the world can afford right now. Man what a world. We have to elect a strong Nationalist who won’t be afraid to pull the trigger if need be. This leaves out all the Democraps, and half the Republican contenders. Fred Thompson or Rudy are all I see.

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    Mike’s America

    jainphx: Always a good idea to “select and copy” a response. Especially one you’ve invested time in writing. Hopefully comment problems will be reduced when Curt switches us to a sounder platform.

    JustaDude: Good point. And hopefully, there will be a thorough investigation. Unfortunately, the politics of this sad event may cloud the truth.

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    Seeing all sorts of guessing going on out there especially on the left side blogs without to me enough confirmed information to make the case for the conclusions they are pointing to. Few if any links to support their position.

    For me it’s still way to murky at this point.

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    This does not have enough confirmation to support at all by the consolidation of what I am catching

    AQ claims the deed
    Our intel guys leaking no independent confirmation of that
    Shariff sort of between a rock and a hard spot now and Bhutto’s party doesn’t have a major figure to put forward as a substitute
    Likely marshal law for at least till stuff after the funeral but won’t be put in till some of the first grief reaction passes
    likely delay of the elections while Bhutto’s party tries to punt for a replacement
    Big question at this time will ISI/Army stick with Musharaff and combine with the party of Bhutto to kick some AQ/Taliban butt as backlash or will they consider a new general to replace Musharaff as a new military top dog?

    Reminder no confirm on any of this, just the common stuff I am hearing Take with a grain of salt

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    An example of what I am seeing on the left ..no link won’t give them the traffic

    As in 1892, today in 2007, we are undergoing a class crisis. A weakened union full of religiously and racially segregated sects, and an inflated state of Corporatism, threaten to sever the spinal cord of this fragile democracy.

    Only now, everyone can see the Emperor has no clothes. The banks are operating on a prayer and the lie that Fort Knox still has gold in its dusty vaults. People are sitting in tent cities after they lose their homes because vulture capitalists gave them loans they knew poor people couldn’t afford to pay. Congress voted to let sick children die. Poor soldiers are shipped off to Iraq to stand atop IEDs so Bush and Clinton legacies don’t have to.

    Man I’ve seen less spin in the old days of Pravda. I could probably go to some of the no hold barred marxist sites and see some of these same talking points a few of which are already disproven like the tent city story last week or so.

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    Mike’s America

    The first casualty in war is the truth JustaDude.

    The bottom line is that this is a setback in Pakistani front in the war on terror.

    Who benefits from that? Not Musharraf.

    I don’t know whether the perps were Al Queda or the Taliban moles in Pak Intelligence.

    But this situation can’t go on much longer without a total meltdown in Pakistan.

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    If AQ is proven behind it and they were pretty well tagged for the 1st try the PPP is the largest party there and if they get behind a little payback AQ/Taliban could be in for a hard time.

    Part of the slow go by the Army has always been the fact that in the tribal areas you have a lot of Pashtun and the Army has a lot of Pashtun. They had no issues like that in Kashmir but never really got into fighting their own in the AQ hunt. Tribal loyalties mean a lot there.

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    Well it seems Hillary in her comments today was all about how close she and Bhutto were like peas in a pod sorta thing.

    But the Sweetness & Light picked up Hillary’s own book and took her to the woodshed.

    That’s gonna leave a mark! 


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    Mike’s America

    Hillary is just being Hillary. Not even Bill can hold a candle to her when it comes to inventing convenient reality.

    Remember when she claimed she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary? Only Hillary forgot that Sir Edmund conquered Mount Everest AFTER she was born.

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