Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

9 Responses to “The Bravery of our Navy Seals”

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    Joe Gringo

    Tremendous, great job posting this.

    I was wondering when the MSM would acknowledge Lt. Murphy…..hats off to NBC for reporting a very important story that needed to be told.

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    Looking Glass

    Great post. Thanks for getting this information out to us all.

    Heather Chambers said “It’s not quite fixed NBC vs NBS – half way there!”

    Yep, still not completely fixed. Needs to be “NBC.”

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    I doubt that Brian Williams knows anyone in the mil, so it comes as no surprise that he doesn’t have a clue that it hasn’t been called the Congressional Medal of Honor for a long time.

    Typical MSM…

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    Aye Chihuahua

    If anyone here has not read “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrel I highly recommend it.

    It is the story of the seal team that Michael Murphy was a part of and it is an amazing story of heroism, sacrifice, and love of country.

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    Rich Casebolt

    Add NBC to the list — LI Newsday,, the Post, and the Sun — that have covered this hero from their own backyard, giving him the honor he is certainly due.

    However, we’re still waiting for the NYT to report …

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