Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Scott Malensek


    I’m using a Pinnacle Movie box with the Pinnacle Studio 10.8 software that came in it.

    Used this little experiment to figure out the picture in picture tool and to figure out how to make the camera pan around and zoom on still photos. Learned a lot:


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    SJ Reidhead

    Even though the 151th Anniv of the Gunfight at the OK Corral is still 13 days away, this is a most appropriate commentary.

    Very good. I think Wyatt Earp would approve. I know Doc Holiday (the cat) was very interested in it and gives it 5 Paws.

    It does go right back to my theory that the defining moment of the American mind-set and American culture occurred in Tombstone, AZ on October 26, 1881 at approximately 2:30PM on Fremont Street in front of the OK Corral. Every culture has specific iconic figures who define who and what it is. Our culture if forever blended with the Earps and Doc Holiday as they fought for their lives against the forces of anarchy and corruption.

    SJ Reidhead
    The Pink Flamingo

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    Scott Malensek

    I agree (to a point SJ). Clearly that was a fork in the river as best defined in the opening scene of Wyatt Earp:
    “Is there gonna be a fight Wyatt?”
    “I think there must be”

    The Iraq footage is from a movie called “American Soldiers” Good flick imo

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    I also agree somewhat SJ.

    Myself, I am a fan of the Earps and their whole story, not just Tombstone but I would say our mindset was forged during the winters of the 1770’s with George Washington. Our ancestors perservered and fought with every ounce of courage they had. Many without shoes and food. The Alamo and Sam Houston is another defining moment, along with the 101st holding Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, and of course Tombstone. But in my opinion if I was to number them, number 1 would be those winters of 1776-1778.

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    Mike’s America

    Great job Scott! You just earned yourself the videographer in chief position.

    I’m trying to figure out which of us is which in the video.

    I wouldn’t be much good with a handgun, but you guys can count on me with a shotgun. My favorite is a 16 gauge that can fire off five shots lickity split.

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    Scott Malensek

    Interesting point Curt. The other day I saw a History Channel bit (Hillbilly History I think?), and it talked about a settlement of mountain men that sent off a declaration of independence before the American revolution, and when the revolution was failing, these guys came out of the hills and made the difference. Their statements in that declaration were really the forerunners of the independence movement nationally. It was an interesting story, but I forget the name of the settlement. I do remember they had a battle with redcoats, took 28 or 29 losses and captured like 800 guys. Very impressive. If we have to find a starting point, that might be it. After its location on the American timeline, we see turning points of which the OK shootout was clearly one.

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    I’d love to see Scott Malensek do something with “300”.

    Scott, is this the ep? More of a description:

    the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780, when a ragtag bunch of mountain men emerged from the hills to whip the British Army and turn the tide of the American Revolution;


    Battle of King’s Mountain was perhaps, the most important battle in the Revolutionary War. This battle was won by the cunning back-country “hillbillies” (volunteer army) who fought against the English Redcoats. These Redcoats didn’t know about back-country fighting. Because of this victory the Americans were given a new pride and enthusiasm towards their cause and the result came as the winning of the Revolutionary War.
    American history has no other instance of a thousand frontiersmen coming together of their own free will to be a volunteer army. Their only equipment their rifles, their own horses, and a pocketful of parched corn for each. These men did not know professional warfare, but they knew how to keep tories and Indians from their settlement.

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    Scott Malensek

    Yep, that’s it, but go back a few months (or even a few years), and you’ll see that they had formed their own little enclave/quasi-country on the other side of the hills. The text of the document they sent to the Brits declaring their enclave pre-revolutionary war was remarkable (sadly, not remarkable enough for me to have run for a pen and written it down. Figures).

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    wow, FLOPPING ACES VIDEO APPEAR ON MY CLICK, AND I was watching the video,
    very good, and BY MISTAKE I touch the other botton and came out,
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