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    come on mike you know very well bush used his time machine to go back to 1969 to frame Kennedy so he would be in jail,and not in the senate to vote against the iraq war. well we know that didn’t work so bush calls you up,and offers to build a pipeline from the secret halliburton oil tanks under the whitehouse directly to your house to heat it for free for the rest of your life if you put this whopper of a story that bush made up on your web site to slander kennedy into resignation

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    Mike’s America

    Dave: Too funny! I’m still waiting for that Halliburton payoff. Meanwhile, Swimmer Kennedy is enjoying another holiday on Cape Cod and Mary Jo is still dead.

    That’s what you call “justice” Democrat-style.

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    Are you implying that republicans are just hunky dory, or do you recognize that neither is party is very honest or clean?

    In case you didn’t realize, all those (100,000 give or take) Iraqi non-combatants are still dead, not to mention at least 4000 US troops (who we are all “supporting” with yellow car magnets) and Bush is still a liar nearly every time he opens his mouth in public, so would that be “justice” Republican-style?

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    oh yes this was all about how the republicans are so accountable because they kicked out a hypocritical cocksucker (no pun intended). But stealing elections, invading a few sovereign countries & spreading depleted uranium all over the middle east must be “justice” Mike’s America style.

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    Mike’s America

    New Jesus or Old Satan? About the same thing if you ask me.

    We’ll just keep those [email protected] where they belong: in the Democrat Party. Whatever happened to Monica’s Blue Dress anyway? Did Barney Frank borrow it for Halloween?

    And when it comes to attacking sovereign countries, you guys don’t have such a good record. At least WE are for invading our enemies, not our allies. Talk to Obama if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

    At least you got the number of Iraqi casualties a bit closer to the truth. Question: Who killed them? Who launched those suicide attacks?

    If Saddam was still in power do you realize that 100,000 Iraqis is a low casualty figure?

    Second Question: Do you even care?

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    liquified viscera


    So, because Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne, Larry Craig gets a free pass?

    You ideological partisans slay me with your illogic, your lack of reasoning, and your demonstrable intellectual weakness.

    Keep supporting the broken system.

    Keep lauding the heroic warriors who steal US Taxpayer money.

    Obviously you are terrified of the power that can unseat your heroes and change the American system.

    Nice to see you cowering and shivering under the bed, you titanic egos!

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    Mike’s America

    “So, because Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne, Larry Craig gets a free pass?”

    Just where did I say or suggest Larry Craig should “get a free pass?”

    “You ideological partisans slay me with your illogic, your lack of reasoning, and your demonstrable intellectual weakness.”

    Clearly you’re talking about yourself here.

    Sorry, but I’m overquota for dealing with brain dead trolls who haven’t got anything substantive, original, interesting or mature to add to the discussions we need in this country as we face what truly are life and death issues.

    Your pathetic comment is further proof that you left wing clowns have NOTHING to offer. And we’re all getting a bit tired of the dripping bile which you substitute for anything more meaninful.

    Crawl back under your rock.

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    liquified viscera

    “Back” under my rock? I never had a rock. Not the sort you’re referring to, anyway.

    Yes, I see how your brilliance shines through in that reply. I am humbled by your immensely powerful intellect. Please forgive me for attempting to elevate my own feeble noggin to your level. Obviously I’m a rank pretender, and you are the true genius and sole purveyor of truth.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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    Mike’s America

    “Obviously I’m a rank pretender, and you are the true genius and sole purveyor of truth.”

    Unless you can show me where I suggested Craig should “get a free pass” the above statement by you clearly applies.

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    Your smug and self-righteous bullshit is looking pretty weak now, Dud.

    Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho on Wednesday took new steps to clear his name in Washington and in Minnesota, where he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after being arrested in a sex sting. Mr. Craig’s efforts, including the suggestion that he might not resign at the end of the month as he had announced, infuriated Republican Senate leaders who thought they had contained the political damage from his case.

    It’s not about righteousness or accountability, as we can all see.

    It’s about containing the political damage.

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    Mike’s America

    Try and keep up Chocolate boy:


    Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) — Idaho Senator Larry Craig still “expects to resign” from the Senate this month and is preparing for the transition, his spokesman said.

    “All along we have said he expects to resign on Sept. 30,” his spokesman, Dan Whiting, said in an e-mailed statement. Craig and his staff “are working toward that end to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.”

    Meanwhile, are you also demanding the resignation of Senator Kennedy?

    How about the resignation of Congressman “Cold Cash” Jefferson?

    Do you have ANY scruples at all or do you just daily demand a higher standard of others?

    Hypocrite! Light weight! Weanie!

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