Bush Has Killed The Birds!

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It looks like the Einsteins over at DummiesU have discovered another evil Rovian plot:

donsu (1000+ posts) Sat Aug-25-07 03:52 PM
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I can hardly bear to prepare this thread – the subject matter is so sad


Bird by bird, the avian population is shrinking.

The songs of tens of millions of birds have been silenced. It feels as if the lights are dimming.


Earlier this summer, the National Audubon Society released a definitive study of population trends of North American birds, a monumental effort based on decades of Christmas bird counts and breeding bird surveys. The study confirms what my grandfather feared and what most of us now know. Birds that I used to see routinely growing up in New England – evening grosbeaks, eastern meadowlarks, northern bobwhites – are in free fall. The losses are mind-boggling. Since my grandfather introduced me to birds just half a lifetime ago, once-common species have declined by as much as 80 percent due to the usual suspects: habitat loss, pesticides, introduced species, and climate change. The songs of tens of millions of birds have been silenced. It feels as if the lights are dimming.

not only will their songs be missed but birds have a purpose. they eat bugs,etc., they propagage plants, they provide fertilizer, they eat seeds and expell them and the seeds grow, etc., etc.

I miss them.

I hate the neo cons

Damn Bushitler!    He flew remote control planes into the WTC, he bombed the dams in New Orleans, and now he’s killed the birds!

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Amazing how powerful Bush is! He must have God on his side to be able to collapse bridges, cause hurricanes and global warming, etc, etc.

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    Unless he’s talking about Vice President Cheney’s hunting parties, what do the neocons have to do with bird populations?

    From where I sit, the Cuckoo population is WAY up!

    This looks like another hint at a remake of the Rachel Carson “Silent Spring” propaganda that got DDT banned as a pesticide.

    One million African children die every year because of that nonsense.


    These lefties are killing those African children just as sure as if they used a gun.

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    Scott Malensek

    Being an amateur aviculturalist myself (peaked at over 50 finches in our house-down to 3 now), I think someone needs reminding of the HUGE amount of avian diseases that are out there. The Bird Man of Alcatraz wrote the definitive book on avian diseases, and I can say with a great amount of certainty that if large swaths of bird populations are decimated, it’s not because of Dick Cheney’s aim. There’s a bug or bugs going around. Hmmm, anyone heard of West Nile just to name one?

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