2 Responses to “Freedom to Kill”

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    I am continually amazed how people can argue against us police officers being able to ascertain if someone is here legally or not. I guess it comes from the same idiots who want us to just open up our borders completely and let everyone and anyone in. Child rapists, murderers…so what. They want to come here, let them.

    If the police had been allowed to discover that these guys were here illegally, and then have been allowed to notify ICE of this fact, these crimes would not have happened. As John Gibson said recently, these folks have blood on their hands.

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    I doubt very seriously that the current administration crack down is an honest enforcement initiative. I am inclined towards their selecting the area where they can generate the biggest backlash and provide the open borders anti US sovereignty groups and media the most “victim” stories to generate support for “reform” legislation.

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