Good Reasons to be a Democrat.

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By Robert Farrow

Anyone born in a blue state knows that lemmings and humans have a lot in common. To my embarrassment I was born in a Democratic family in a Democratic state and I could repeat back as any good parrot the content of any liberal news broadcast. The motto of many of us seemed to the same as many in the party. Democrat: No independent thought required. After my conversion to Republican, by using a technique called reading and researching, I wondered why more people did not think similarly. Often, I have asked liberals and Democrats if they ever have done any independent research, besides listening to Air America, which apparently few people ever do, and they give me a strange look that seems to say research? why the media already did that for me! It appears to be easier to have other people think for you in today’s America. Thus, I began to think anyone that was not Republican was either uneducated, (as in believing the MSM and nothing else…) or has values so radical many would find them immoral. But in truth, there are lots of good reasons to be Democrat.

Say, for example, you are a criminal. Then it would make a lot of sense to be a Democrat. For one, thanks to your Democratic allies, you would be the only person carrying a gun, despite the fact that A) it’s a constitutional right, and B) estimates on the short end by gun control groups suggest that guns stop an estimated hundred thousand to a million crimes a year. The fact that D.C. makes it illegal to carry guns and is one of the most dangerous city on earth seem to be two completely unrelated facts, if you like to smoke crack like the ex-mayor did. The criminal is also substantially less likely to get a severe prison sentence from a Democrat, let alone the death penalty. By the way: Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Gore: 13.2 and Bush: 2.1. But don’t worry, The Democrats are worried about the rights of murderers and rapists to vote, so you can vote your Democratic buddies back in and keep on shooting. Liberals seem more likely to point guns at little boys trying to escape communism in Miami then drug dealers and murderers.

It makes sense for terrorists and radical muslims to vote Democrat. Why, you can bomb all day without worries of reprisal, unless of course the Democrat gets caught committing adultery and needs a distraction. In fact, the Democrat will be too worried about international law to even accept an offer from another country to deliver their enemy to them. But don’t worry, even those who marched against our country in times of war and committed treason can learn to salute and look presidential, for the media will never point out their hypocrisy and will talk about their great leadership skills. Appeasement does not seem to be a vice in today’s Democratic party, but rather a bullet point on their resume. There is in fact an alliance between many liberals and radical muslims, ( read David Horowitz, Unholy Alliance) which makes as much sense as an alliance between Hitler and the jews, as radical muslims will tolerate progressives just long enough to kill the conservatives until they turn on their perpetually shocked ally.(I can’t believe the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, they seemed like such nice people.)

And speaking of jewish-americans, why are you Democrat? There is no bigger supporter of Israel then the Conservatives. And your beloved party is embracing many of those who wish to kill you, or drive Israel into the sea, which is about the same thing. If you are African-American, I wonder why you vote Democratic. Who was the pro-slavery party? the Democrats, who was the anti slavery party? the Republicans. The first black senator was a Republican. Who voted in greater numbers for the civil rights legislation on the 60’s, the Republicans. Who ordered southern schools desegregated with troops, a Republican president. Who has more blacks appointed in positions of power, the Republicans. The difference is Republicans do not believe in reverse discrimination, or as a liberal calls it, affirmative action, and believes in Mr. King’s color-blind society. (and how does reverse racism lead to a color-blind society?) And a Republican want a strong economy so you can get a good job and own a home and not rely on a dependency culture that hurts your family. ( It is not by accident that more landowners voted for Bush then Gore and Kerry.) Read my Economics of Distraction if you don’t think you are more likely to get a job with a republican then a democrat. Besides, the biggest examples of racism I have seen lately are Democrats talking about black republicans. Finally, what party has an ex-KKK member serving now? Not the Republicans. Strange you don’t hear that often.

If you want a strong military and you vote Democrat you need to wonder why around 70% of the military voted Republican. You also really need to read more, because if you think Democrats really foster a strong military, sorry, but you are living in fantasyland. Hope it’s nice there. Most people who attend Church regularly vote Republican, as they should. Usually killing babies doesn’t work to well with the concept of a divine almighty. Besides, the very anti-Christian ACLU is allied with many liberals who vote Democrat. And it is not by accident that many socialistic countries that liberal Democrats love are very agnostic and hostile to organized religion. The reason many Democrats are worried by the non-existent Separation of Church and State is because they too are hostile to organized religion, unless it is so liberal a denomination it is no better then a feel good group, Sorry, but if you are very religious and Democrat, you might be sleeping with the enemy.

If you are in a coma, or an unborn baby, what party do you think gives you better survivability odds? It was amusing to hear liberals on the Today show talk about the terrible case of the climber who died on Mount Everest after being ignored by other mountaineers. One of them hosts called the actions callous and inhumane. Then another compared the Everest case to her personal use of humane mouse traps and ended the conversation with this gem: “What’s the difference between that, really? It’s a life. You save a life if you see a life in danger.” It’s a shame the same value for life does not also exist for babies. I guess she likes mice more.

But I have gone off topic slightly, have I not? I am supposed to be talking about reasons to vote Democrat. And as I said, there are good reasons to vote that way. If you are for weaker crime fighting, a weaker defense, against the traditional values (funny how that became a bad word) that made this country great, against a nuclear family, vote Democrat. If you are against a strong economy so the poor can work and become the middle class and prefer socialism (that seems to work so well for the rest of the world,) vote Democrat. And if you do not wish this country to remain a great, strong country, well then it makes a lot of sense to vote for the modern Democratic Party.

What does it say when you have become the party of terrorists and criminals? Who do you think they would vote for if they could?

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    this is the most biased, ignorant, and ridiculous article i’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. the democratic party is made up of the most intellectual people in the country, whereas, the ignorant assholes that make up the republican party write unimportant shit like this.

    by the way, i guess since i’m a democrat, I MUST BE A TERRORIST.
    i support gay marriage, but i’m a straight woman and strong christian.
    i am pro-choice, because i believe that with the shitty care our country gives the orphans that are already out there, there is no need to give birth to infants just to put them through that.
    i am a democrat because i am an intellectual, unlike those of you who are not.


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    you’re going to be eaten alive – Miss Intellectual.
    Your whole post was nothing short of brilliant, but my favorite part was:

    i support gay marriage, but i’m a straight woman and strong christian.
    i am pro-choice, because i believe that with the shitty care our country gives the orphans that are already out there, there is no need to give birth to infants just to put them through that.

    This would be so easy to take apart, but I have the feeling I am dealing with a 11 year old girl – based on the poor rhetoric, lashing out, and stating that you are an intellectual, because your writing and ideas do not support your stance as a brilliant and intellectual democrat.

    Despite your age, you are indeed a fine specimen of what democrats would consider ‘intellectual’ – thats for sure.

    And as a side note and very serious question (only God knows our position with Him), but from the sounds of it, you know nothing about your faith. How do you justify your position for killing a baby? The whole orphan reason is weak and I could blow a million holes in it. Do have something worth while to respond to?

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    rich wheeler

    Rob F. Who is this idiot. The men and women of F.A. who I rarely agree with but have a grudging respect for their researched opinons should be ashamed to post this Republican clown.This post is wrong on so many levels it hardly warrants a resonse “A party of terrorists and criminals” This kind of post truly weakens your party. My guess is MH and Mike don’t agree with this crap. Correct me if I’m wrong. Wheeler

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    @rich wheeler Rob will have to speak for himself, but I do believe he meant the Dem party has become the party of choice *by* terrorists and criminals. (not that it is comprised of terrorists and criminals…) The former because of the modern party incarnate’s aversion to conflict, victory, and aggressive offense, and their embrace of chit chat over tea with despots and dictators. And the latter because of the dogged belief that most who commit crimes are victims of something or another…. their environment, their parents, their financial status… and therefore not entirely responsible and culpable for their actions.

    Then, of course, there is the heart of the party platform – the notion that care of fellow man should be a government administered mandate instead of a personal and community choice of charity.

    However I do not think *all* Dems feel this way. We all have friends and family that live on the opposite side of the political aisle. Consider my sister and a cousin. One truly is deplorable about having indepth comprehension on the issues, and votes what “sounds” or feels good and moral. The other is well read, but is a socialist at heart. One votes ill-informed, never understanding the repercussions. The other votes deliberately, hoping to “remake” America, just as this POTUS desires, because she believes it to be a more just society to eliminate extreme success and equalize everyone’s living standards. (save for the dictators, despots and their inner circle, of course)

    I, personally, can’t go along with a one size fits all portrait of a Democrat. Most of the nation is a potpourri of a bit liberal and a bit conservative, depending on the issue. Most of us believe in limited safety nets, but not enabling and expansive welfare programs. Just as mixed is their degree of education on the issues. The electorate is having to pay more attention to politics because of the spending and the economy now. But most move thru their days, sans politics dominating their thoughts.

    While I may disagree with harsh presentation and wider blanket assumptions in Rob’s post, I can’t disagree with the basic premise he raises … and that is why does anyone vote Democrat except as support for their platform issues? I happen to find personal distaste for most of those positions myself because they have moved to the extreme. This party today bears no resemblence to JFK Democrats.

    And speaking of personal distaste…..

    @Melissa: the democratic party is made up of the most intellectual people in the country, whereas, the ignorant assholes that make up the republican party write unimportant shit like this.


    i am a democrat because i am an intellectual, unlike those of you who are not.

    ROTFLMAO! This is such an embarrassing moment for young Melissa-of-the-I-text-generation, that I hardly know where to begin. But I think we got the point that capitalization, cogent sentence structure and punctuation are optional for her – the overly brilliant lightbulb of the Blackberry/Twitter era. Liam, I’ll guess college. Which today isn’t far from yesteryear’s 11 year old.

    Curious minds have to wonder (when they are tremendously bored and little else to ponder in the late eve, that is…) why fire off a “pot calling the kettle black” response and expect us to see her as somehow morally (or intellectually) elevated? She’s personally incensed at his broad brush comments, yet does exactly the same thing in her retort.

    Instead Melissa is the walking/texting/typing/non-thinking quintessential icon of the Dem caricature Rob described. If it didn’t lend more credibility to his comments, it certainly proved that such voters do exist – and apparently are unabashed (or unaware) at being the floor model/ sample on the forum.

    Funny, usually it’s Mike’sA who posts the leming bait. LOL

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    @rich wheeler: This kind of post truly weakens your party.

    And how do you defend your party’s constant characterization of the GOP as fat old white guys, heartless rich executives, racists, and cads without compassion? Be careful before you throw those rocks from your party’s glass house, rich wheeler.

    Plus you may want to notice this is a May 2006 post… goes to show just how on top of issues Melissa is. LOL

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    Old Trooper

    I am not now or have ever been Party affiliated for a great many reasons. Neither Party has all of the right or wrong answers, been fiscally responsible, addressed their Constitutionally Mandated obligations or have been responsive to their constituents in many regards. I have voted for the individual that I felt was the best one for the office.

    Rob addressed some concerns in his post and also came up with what I consider to be a few far fetched issues. Melissa of intellect addressed her concerns. If she paid any tuition for her education should ask for her money back. Bar room language does not impress me and did nothing to establish any point.

    Both Mata and Mike’s A are notorious for allowing the bait to be posted here. The bait always has a hook. Some folks have a “take the bait” reflex and respond with equally inane Party Line talking points, then try to disengage the hook with more Party Line gibberish. Neither Party has a lot to crow about at this political crossroads. Claiming membership to either and swallowing all of that nonsense whole and regurgitating it here amuses me. Blaming the administration that is out of office for the past years blunders in both Foreign and Domestic Policy is neither responsible or credible.

    The performance of the Current Congress or Current Administration has a great many Voters questioning their choices in November of 08 for good reasons. The Economically Illiterate Congress and the Affirmative Action President have to their credit double digit Unemployment, record numbers of Home Foreclosures, a less Secure America due to a penchant for Diversity, Zero coordination of Intelligence Assets, no Veto on Earmarks on the record, Lobbyists in .Gov employment, Zero Transparency on the Health Care legislation as well as favored Status for proposed payments, questionable numbers on Job Creation, no Energy Policies that have relieved Us from Foreign Oil and other no achievements other than record deficits.

    Freezing spending reminds me of that old joke about locking the barn door AFTER all of the horses have been stolen. Neither Party has offered any working solutions and the secrecy on the AIG Bailout does not instill any confidence in the Current Presidents credibility.

    I am not taking the bait. An America that relies on Borrowed money is one that is floundering. When Small Business cannot get cash loaned to keep Main Street open for business neither Party can claim any degree of success.

    I am a Conservative and do not find either Party meeting fiscal responsibility needs at a time when nothing less than fiscal responsibility is called for. The Campaign rhetoric does not solve America’s problems and Party Line nonsense has nothing to offer. The Current path calls for more than promises or excuses. It calls for Leadership. I’m just not seeing it.

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    Now Trooper…. *I’m* the not one using my posts as a moonbat fishing pole! LOL But once Mike hooks ’em, Aye Chi and I do play with them while they’re on the line. Guilty as charged…. LOL

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    Old Trooper

    rich wheeler, If I was indeed a fat old white guy I could not have passed my last APFT. My politics do nor involve redistribution of OPM (Other Peoples Money), Businesses that are too big to fail getting bailouts based upon their Political Contributions, giving Terrorists the Rights of American Citizens, the same ones that have killed Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen or hijacked Civilian Passenger Flights on 9.11.01 and Murdered Thousands.

    As I was recalled to Active Duty my current occupation is not punching cattle but is to locate Taliban and Al Q, eliminate them and give the Afghan People a chance to have a choice in Free Elections on selecting Their choice of Government without a lot of Murder, Mayhem and Fear getting in the way.

    My Politics do not involve a revival of LBJs “Great Society” that was a failure but kept folks of Color on the Democrat Plantation.. “”I’m going to have them niggers voting Democratic for a century”- LBJ.”. An LBJ quote Bud. As I recall He was a Democrat.

    I recall you giving Barry Goldwater a few insults a while back. General, and later Senator Goldwater Desegregated the Arizona National Guard in 1957, prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Act while Democratic Senators Al Gore Sr. (the former VP’s dad) and former KKK member Robert Byrd, who participated in an unsuccessful 74-day filibuster in an attempt to stop the Civil Rights Act.

    OH My God, they were Democrats!

    A word of advice to You Old Marine, be an American First and but Logic up front and shoddy Partisanship aside. No bait offered here just some sound advice. Your Service was Honorable but we have an America that needs independent voices and thinkers. Be one of those and not one of the herd.

    I have a flight to catch to get back in the Theater and my Service matters above anyone’s Political theories or Foreign Policy failures. As Montana has only 3 Electoral votes I am less than “relevant” to folks of Your persuasion but I try to make a difference every day .

    No bait here Mata or Mike, just some info. There are two posters on my ASAFA Daughters wall in her dorm, Ronald Reagan and Chuck Yeager and a picture of her feeding a filly that bears Mata’s name.

    I missed the SOTU address but I did not buy any used cars lately either.

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    I think it’s hysterical that it took three years for this discussion to take place. Clearly nobody thought it was important until Melissa gave it some attention…

  10. 14



    Cary, Ms. “intellectual”, Melissa, was evidently google searching, uncovered something she thought was current and got her knickers in a twist. rich wheeler came in behind. Both were incensed… never noting the date and issues of that time.

    Nor is this a new subject. This same discussion took place between billy bob and myself about a week or so before the MA special election…. he insisted that people voted Dem because the GOP was a bunch of racists, and I insisted people vote Dem for the welfare programs. Same subject here (somewhat expanded for the issues of the day) but under a 2006 FA thread.

    That is a time that precedes most of us contributing authors here, and when Curt was just being discovered by the internet blog world for the powerhouse he is.

    Try not to give bubble head Melissa too much credit. Unless, of course, you think that accidently tripping face first into a cow pie, coming up with your face covered, is a laudable feat. She’s already got an uphill battle with reality on self perception.

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    rich wheeler

    O.T. I never called YOU a fat old white guy.Keep chasing the bad guys. I never said anything negative about Goldwater other than he was buried in an LBJ landslide in 64.I’ve been a Dem since JFK’s call to his countrymen in his inaugural address in 1960. I believe strongly in Civil Rights,Human Rights,and Women’s Rights a strong free press and a strong military.Also think term limits on Congress would send a message. Best to you O.T.

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    rich wheeler

    O.T. i await your clarion call. I enjoyed LTC West’s video. Hell of a good speaker.I owned property in his district from 1985=2005 and visited often. Home of 2000 hanging chad fiasco. Thirteen term Repub. upset by young Dem lawyer in 2006 who then beat West by about 8% in 08. Expect 2010 could be close. Best Richard

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