Saddam Hiding His WMD Program

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I missed this document when it was translated two days ago but here it is anyways.? It details the Iraqi regime destruction of WMD documents just prior to a UN inspector visit in August of 2002:

Memos in document CMPC-2003-002284 that are dated in June and August 2002 present another great evidence of Saddam Regime deceptions to hide his WMD programs and this time by destroying the WMD files or hiding them in a secure location. Saddam knew that summer that the UN inspectors are coming back to Iraq so he ordered these actions hoping that he will fool them, and he did fool Hans Blix and company.

Translation of Page 3

In the Name of God the Merciful The Compassionate

Subject: Destruction

On Friday that coincides on 23/8/2002 were destroyed the primary archives for the Atomic Energy Commission according to the instructions issued regarding this and it was destroyed (burned) in the outside warehouses and it was carried on Compact Discs and the destruction operation was achieved by the presence of:

1. Mr. Director of Energy Security- Mr. Saher Nassif Jasem

2. The Representative of the National Monitoring Department; General Kamal Abed Mohamad

3. Mr. The Director of the Disarmament Section- Mr. Maatook Abed Al Satar

4. Mr. Director of Monitoring Section in the Organization- Mr. Hani Hassan Ahmad

And according to this the document was signed (Remark: The remaining of the documents that are related to the purchasing of the Nuclear Program and that is 22 steel boxes will be received from the Monitoring Department to be dealt with)


Mr. Hani Hassan Ahmad, General Kamal Abed Mohamad, Mr. Maatook Abed Al Satar; Mr. Saher Nassif Jasem 23/8/2002


End of Translation of Page 3

Now on 4 you see a memo about the transfer of Top Secret and Very Important WMD documents from the Iraqi National Monitoring Agency (the agency that is supposed to discuss and report Iraq WMD issues with the UN) to more secure locations where it will be harder for the UN inspectors to find it.

Translation of page 4

Subject: Receiving documents

The documents preserved by the National Monitoring Department were accounted for and received by Mr. Ayad Kihtan Talab, the representative of The Military Industrial Security Agency and its details are shown in the attached tables and its numbers (12) are twelve pages and in (9) nine cardboard boxes

The Representative of the National Monitoring Department.. Signature? General Kamal Abed Mohamad 17/6/2002

The Representative of the Intelligence Apparatus.. Signature? Hamood Awde Salem 17/6/2002

The Representative of the Industrial Military Security.. Signature.. Ayad Kihtan Talab 17/6/2002.

End of translation of page 4

Now page 6 and 7 are two of the 12 pages of documents list shown above it and refers to a ?Very Important file about Chemical Equipments? and ?Special Equipement?.

Beginning of partial translation of Page 6

Box number 4 (Chemical-K)

1. Document folder of the Air Force Equipment in the Glorified Qadisya Saddam, correspondences regarding the Chemical Equipments (all assembled in a Red folder mark on it Very Important) 16. File regarding the examination of the Special Equipment

End of partial translation of page 6 and 7.

Special Equipment are designated by the Iraqi as Chemical Weapons and it is the same term they used in the already translated document when they attacked the Kurds with Chemical Weapons (Special Equipment or Special Ammunition) back in 1987.

So here is documented proof that the regime was destroying documents about their WMD but not a peep from the MSM.? What do we get instead?? Reporters making up news with the trailer story.? Making it APPEAR that Bush lied (gasp, the MSM would never allege such a thing /sarcasm) while knowing that at the time of his statement he had a report from two inspector teams saying the trailers were WMD connected.?

No bias here.

They hate Bush so much they will do anything, allege anything, lie about anything,?just so they can pull a?”gotcha” on him.? I mean here we have definate proof of the Saddam deception?but all we hear are crickets.? It?appears that since the documents have been coming out the MSM have gone into overdrive to push the Bush Lied meme….this has been a concerted effort to ignore the real story and?push the story they really want to be true.


Anyways, lets look at?what else was going on during?Aug of 2002:

AUGUST 2002 : (US SATELLITES DETECT ACTIVITY AT IRAQI BIOWEAPONS FACILITY) US satellites detect a convoy of 60 trucks at a one of main suspected biological weapons factories, called the Taji Cell Protection Plant.- Iraq – Scotsman says Saddam has weapons to wipe out world’s population, nuclear bomb within 3 years “The Scotsman dossier – SPECIAL REPORT ON IRAQ” by Fraser Nelson, Westminster Editor

AUGUST 2002 : (IRAQ TRIES TO DISCREDIT IRAQI DEFECTOR ADNAN SAEED AL-HAIDERI ) Iraq is so worried about what Adnan Saeed al-Haideri told the CIA that a senior Iraqi official took reporters in early August to a Baghdad site he claimed al-Haideri had identified as a biological-weapons production plant. Instead, the official claimed, it was a “livestock vaccination laboratory.” Reporters were shown abandoned monitoring cameras installed by the United Nations. Dust-covered equipment and bottles littered the floor. Pointing to this “evidence,” their Iraqi escort claimed that al-Haideri “is lying to the CIA” and was “motivated by our enemies.” – “How Saddam Got Weapons of Mass Destruction” By Kenneth R. Timmerman, Insight Magazine via , Tuesday, October 1, 2002

AUGUST 2002 : (IRAQ : ABU NIDAL DISCRETELY BURIED) Abu Nidal was buried quietly in Baghdad last August after reportedly dying of self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head. – “Gadhafi offers to mediate on Iraq: Libyan dictator wants ‘to save international peace’ ,” , Wednesday, February 5, 2003

[wounds? How does one give oneself multiple gunshot wounds to the head?]

AUGUST 2002 : (ZARQAWI IS IN BAGHDAD, IRAQ) Abu Musab Zarqawi, aka Ahmad Fadeel al-Khalaylah, one of al Qaeda’s top 24 leaders, was last known to be in Iraq by this time enjoying Baghdad’s hospitality. Zarqawi was involved in the Millenium plots, which were to include the LAX airport (see Ressam, the guy captured trying to enter the US with explosives in December 1999) and some sites in Jordan including a hotel in Amman frequented by Americans and Israelis- his co-conspirator, Abu Zubayda, is in custody and doing some talking. Zarqawi also sent three terrorists to Tel Aviv, Israel to carry out bombing in Israel, they were captured in February 2002. He may have gone from Iraq to Syria by some reports. Another al Qaeda conspirator, and Iraqi, is still inside Iraq. He is linked to the Malaysia terrorist summit where the planning for the USS Cole bombing and 9/11 occured.

AUGUST 1, 2002 : (UNMOVIC : IRAQ INVITES BLIX TO DISCUSSIONS) In a letter to Annan, Iraq invites Blix to Iraq for technical discussions on remaining disarmament issues. – “Key events in UN weapons inspections in Iraq,” By AP September 17 2002

AUGUST 6, 2002 : (UN ASKS IRAQ TO ACCEPT INSPECTIONS) UN’s Kofi Annan writes to Iraqis pointing out that what they are proposing is at odds with UN resolutions and asks that Iraq accept inspections. – “Key events in UN weapons inspections in Iraq,” By AP September 17 2002

Either way you look at it this document is another link in the Saddam chain that shows he was hiding his WMD’s from the world.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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